Fuyu Hanabi / 冬花火

Fuyu Hanabi / 冬花火 : “winter fireworks”

fuyu / 冬
hanabi / 花火
“fireworks” (lit. flower-like fire)

hana / 花
hi / 火
“fire”. Pronounced bi / び because of rendaku.

Oku Hanako’s new single is finally here! It was released today—actually, yesterday if you want to be technical. Lucky you: you get this week’s song early.
For those who don’t know, she made an announcement in late November. It’s been two years since her last single, Cinderella / シンデレラ .

If you were one of the early buyers, you would have gotten something like this, too:

Fuyu Hanabi clearfile

A sample of the clearfile given to early buyers

It’s the clearfile (size A5) that was given to early purchasers. Also given out were lottery tickets for attendance to the live event, both given with the purchase of the single.

I know you’re excited to hear it, so I won’t delay you any longer. Here you are, Fuyu Hanabi:

【完成版】「冬花火」ライブペインティングPV【絵師:5月病マリオ】/奥華子 by ponycanyon [YouTube]

My prediction was right: it is heavily arranged. It may not be as heavy as Anata ni Suki to Iwaretai or Garasu no Hana, but it’s heavy enough for me to count it.

When I listen to this song, I can hear elements from all over her discography: it’s mostly reminiscent of Utakata and good-bye, but a touch of vol.best is apparent, too. It’s almost like this is a bit of a summary of what she’s done so far, with some new things to look forward to. With every album, she seems to create a slightly new sound for herself while still keeping true to the overall “Oku Hanako” feel. Hearing Fuyu Hanabi, I don’t think her next album will be an exception.

I will be honest, I think that Fuyu Hanabi could use a little more “oomph”. Also, Oku Hanako and the other woman in the music video look a little robotic, almost putting them into the uncanny valley. The song itself, too, has this eerily familiar feel to it, as if someone else in my music library has done something like it, but I can’t seem to “put a finger” to it.

Criticism aside, I think it’s a fairly well-done song. I especially like what the strings do after the first chorus, going into the second verse. Now, as to the question of whether she arranged this song herself, I can’t say for sure. It would be very impressive if she did, but there are bits which don’t seem like something she’d do if she did arrange it. We’ll just have to wait until her discography page[jp] gets updated to find out. Update: According to the Japanese Wikipedia article for Fuyu Hanabi, she didn’t arrange it herself.



Mata kyou mo anata to waratta sore dake de mune ga isogashii
kizuke ba kokoro no mannaka ni sodatte shimatta ‘suki’ no kimochi

kaze ga tsumetaku natte ta fuyu no hi
anata wa tere nagara oshie te kure ta ne
tomodachi no ano ko no koto ga suki datte

naki taku te nake naku te atashi no kataomoi
sonna koto shitte ta hazu na noni
setsuna sa mo itoshi sa mo kie te yuku no ka na
anata wa atashi no fuyu hanabi

anata ga suki da to iu mono wa nani demo suki ni narete ta noni
ano ko no hanashi wo sareru tabi hisshi ni kokoro de mimi seide ta

yuki ga kie te ku kouen no benchi de
dare ka ii yatsuinai no? tte anata wa
doushite yo sonna koto atashi ni kika nai de

daisuki yo hontouwa ne itte mi takatta yo
tomodachi no mama ja irare nai
kizui te yo usotsuki na atashi no kataomoi
dare ni mo mie nai fuyu hanabi

anata wo konnanimo nayamaserareru
ano ko ga yappari urayamashii kedo
fuyu ga owaru koro ni wa futari no mae de waraeru ka na

naki taku te nake naku te atashi no kataomoi
kanawa nai koi da toshite mo
setsuna sa mo itoshi sa mo kie te yuku no ka na
anata to atashi no fuyu hanabi

From KashiGasa.


また今日も あなたと笑った それだけで胸が忙しい
気付けば心の真ん中に 育ってしまった「好き」の気持ち


泣きたくて 泣けなくて あたしの片想い
そんな事 知ってたはずなのに
切なさも 愛しさも 消えてゆくのかな
あなたは あたしの 冬花火

あなたが好きだと言うものは 何でも好きになれてたのに
あの子の話をされる度 必死に心で耳塞いでた

雪が消えてく 公園のベンチで
誰かいい奴いないの?って あなたは
どうしてよ そんな事 あたしに聞かないで

大好きよ 本当はね 言ってみたかったよ
気付いてよ 嘘つきな あたしの片想い
誰にも見えない 冬花火

あなたを こんなにも悩ませられる
あの子が やっぱり羨ましいけど
冬が終わる頃には 二人の前で笑えるかな

泣きたくて 泣けなくて あたしの片想い
切なさも 愛しさも 消えてゆくのかな
あなたと あたしの 冬花火

From KashiGasa


I smiled again with you today, that alone makes my heart race
Before I knew it, feelings of “love” had grown deep in my heart

On that winter day when the wind had turned cold
You were so shy as you told me
That you had feelings for my friend

Wanting to cry, but unable to cry, my one-sided love
I should have known, but
Sorrow, love, will they all disappear?
You are my winter fireworks

These feelings of love for you has grown so deep, but
Every time you spoke of her, I desperately blocked out the ears of my heart

On the park bench where the snow had melted
“Won’t someone help me?” You asked
Why? Please don’t ask that of me

I love you, actually, I wanted to tell you
I can’t just stay as friends
Please notice my lying one-sided love
Invisible to everyone, winter fireworks

To be able to make you so troubled
I really envy that girl
When winter ends, will I be able to smile for the two of you?

Wanting to cry, but unable to cry, my one-sided love
Even if it’s an unattainable love
Sorrow, love, will they all disappear?
Our winter fireworks

Translation by Misa-chan


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