Kimi ga Kureta Natsu / 君がくれた夏 cover art and track list announced!

I checked the official home page[jp] and I noticed that the header image shows the cover art for the new single:

Kimi ga Kureta Natsu header image

The header image since February 9, 2015

I don’t know how long it’s been up for, but according to the filename, it has been up no earlier than February 9.

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Preview of Kimi ga Kureta Natsu / 君がくれた夏

I was way too excited to write anything proper for Futari Kinenbi / 二人記念日 because I found a preview on YouTube of the title song on the new single, Kimi ga Kureta Natsu / 君がくれた夏. To my knowledge, they haven’t even released the cover art yet!

If you can’t wait until March 18, then have a listen:

君がくれた夏 / 奥華子 by kame kame [YouTube]

It sounds volume-equalized, but it sounds really beautiful. I can’t wait until the single comes out!

Futari Kinenbi / 二人記念日

Futari Kinenbi / 二人記念日: “Our anniversary”

futari / 二人
“two people”, “we”
kinenbi / 記念日

This is a little late for Valentine’s Day, but here we are.

I felt a bit uneasy about this song at first because it’s one of the more mainstream-sounding songs, but there was something about it that made me know that I’d come to appreciate it relatively soon, and that was indeed what happened. It even inspired one of my best compositions. I think this is the most likeable out of the mainstream-sounding songs on good-bye.

It’s a cute song with cute lyrics. From what I can gather, the speaker expresses her joy of having met her friend (boyfriend?) and the two of them being together.

二人記念日 []

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Sono Te / その手

Sono Te / その手: “this hand”

sono / その
“that” (close to the listener)
te / 手

“Sono Te” is another one of her indies songs found on I can’t picture her singing this in a concert nowadays, so I guess it’s one of those songs that won’t ever get mentioned.

I’d say that this song is one of her typical indies songs: it features a simple melody, an electric piano, and is a love song. The melody might be a bit repetitive, but it works with what the lyrics mean (unfortunately, no human translation is available). I get the impression that the song is about holding hands. I’m not sure what else to say about it, so I’ll let you form your own opinions:

その手 by yahiro0108 [YouTube]

I like how the chorus makes parallels: first, she sings “that hand, that arm, that chest”, then sings later on, “that hand, that finger, that fingernail”. That’s Oku Hanako poetry for you.

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