Happy Days

Happy Days

Happy Days is one of Oku Hanako’s more upbeat songs. It was included as the third track for her 2009 single Waratte Waratte / 笑って笑って, and again as an album mix version on BIRTHDAY.

Apart from the inclusion of the audience from a live concert at the end, I don’t know what the difference is betweeen the two versions. Because of that, I’m lumping both into one post, instead of having separate posts for each version.

Original version on Waratte Waratte / 笑って笑って:

Happy Days – Hanako Oku [zing.vn]

“Album Mix version” on BIRTHDAY

Hanako Oku – Happy Days (Album Mix Version) by Zelkiiro [YouTube]

I have to admit, this song isn’t one that I tend to go back to. It’s fun and all, but it’s fairly repetitive and somewhat unvaried. It’s good, as all her songs are, but it doesn’t stand out to me.

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Waratte Waratte / 笑って笑って

Waratte Waratte / 笑って笑って : “Laughing, smiling”

waratte / 笑って
“laughing” or “smiling”. This is the conjunctive form of the root warau / 笑う (“to smile” or “to laugh”).

“Waratte Waratte” was one of the first 14 Oku Hanako songs that I heard. It has a pronounced pentatonic sound and is easy to listen to. As always, she sings it with a genuine passion.

I didn’t know it when I first heard this song, but Waratte Waratte is actually another one of her indies songs that has been arranged, resung, and made into its own single, like Chiisana Hoshi / 小さな星. I find this version is better sung than the indies version, but the indies version has a certain “closeness” to it that the single version doesn’t have. This song is beautiful, including the lyrics, and yes, I have a translation for the lyrics.

ライセンス・奥華子「笑って笑って」.wmv by amaike yukino [YouTube]

Sorry for the lack of content in this post; I’m feeling way too sleepy. I’ll redo this post sometime in the next few days and I’ll post something to let you know when I’ve done so. So much for that. I don’t know what to say. Perhaps I’m still tired. Forget it. I’ll give a better opinion on the indies version. It seems once I write something down, it’s more difficult to change it.

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Bokutachi ni Dekiru Koto / 僕たちにできること

Bokutachi ni dekiru koto / 僕たちにできること : “What we can do”

bokutachi / 僕たち
“us”. “boku” / 僕 is a personal pronoun and “-tachi” / たち is a pluralizing suffix.
ni / に
A particle indicating a passive agent, similar to “by” in English (as in “I was moved by the song.”).
dekiru / できる
“to be able to”
koto / こと

“Bokutachi ni Dekiru Koto” is one of those songs that is guaranteed to get you really absorbed in the song if you’re in the right mood. It’s a beautiful song, both in music and lyrics (I have to put up with a machine translation), and Oku Hanako shows off some powerful vocals.

I recommend listening to it when you feel like being quiet.

僕たちにできること / 奥華子 by 0283hiro [YouTube]
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