Hatsukoi / 初恋

Hatsukoi / 初恋

hatsu- / 初
koi / 恋

Hatsukoi: it’s one of Oku Hanako’s 2010 singles and is undeniably one of her most moving songs. She almost always ends up looking emotionally drained after performing this song live, and if I get really into the song, it can get me, too.

It’s a sad song, telling about a couple who had recently broke up. The girl still likes the guy and begs him to remain friends. Well, it’s a little deeper than that; I’ll leave you to read the translation.

Musically, the song is tastefully and appropriately arranged. There are four main instruments: drums, guitar, strings, and of course, piano. They all add to the inherent sadness of the song, especially the strings.

This song also features, in my opinion, the best of her music videos:

Hanako Oku – Hatsukoi [JPopsuki]

Or, for those low on bandwidth:


I think the song has been somewhat overused in promotional material, but Hatsukoi is definitely one of Oku Hanako’s best.

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