Mahou no Hito / 魔法の人

Mahou no Hito / 魔法の人 : “magic person”

mahou / 魔法
no / の
A particle indicating that the previous word modifies the next word (almost equivalent to “of”)
hito / 人

Mahou no Hito was released on her 2006 single of the same name. Being one of her singles, this was one of the first 14 Oku Hanako songs that I heard (I used her singles as a starter).

I somehow drew a blank on a thought for this week’s song, so I asked Pekky if she had anything to say. Commenting on the lyrics (for which I could only find a Spanish translation), she says:

I think this is relateable in the sense that she’s highlighting how one person can impart a significant change on another person just in a single moment. But at the same time, the simplicity highlights that it doesn’t take much for two people who care about each other to make one another happy.

Thanks for the insight, Pekky!

Hanako Oku – Mahou no Hito by Tadanga [JPopsuki]
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