Jiyuu no Kame / 自由のカメ

Jiyuu no Kame / 自由のカメ: “free turtle”, or the “tortoise of liberty”

jiyuu / 自由
Freedom, liberty
no /
A particle indicating that the previous word modifies the next word
kame / カメ

I’ll feature this song for her piano-playing; she doesn’t often play like this, but when she does, it’s a treat. Even though this is one of her indies songs, it’s one that can be presented to an inexperienced Oku Hanako listener (that’s not to say that her other indies works can’t, but sometimes it’s better to wait until they can fully appreciate it). Jiyuu no Kame was one of the first songs of hers that I heard on YouTube, I couldn’t figure out what album it came from, so I couldn’t get it.

The best way I could describe this song is “happy”. Perhaps you can do better; listen to it:

Oku Hanako 自由のカメ with English lines by mokade3 [YouTube]

For those of you waiting for an arranged song, don’t worry, I’ll post one next week.

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Kusabi / 楔

Update 2015-07-22: Re-sung and released as the 10th anniversary single

Kusabi / : “wedge”, or according to Generasia, “bridge”, or according to J-talk, “linchpin“. In its original release on Jishu Seisaku Oku Hanako vol.4 / 自主制作 奥華子 vol.4 , it was labelled 楔-くさび- , showing the pronunciation.

I don’t know what it is about Kusabi / that makes it so popular. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good song, it’s just that its popularity on YouTube puzzles me because it’s one of her indies songs and has only appeared one other time in her discography (in her 2009 DVD Mochiron Hitori de Hikigatari! / もちろん一人で弾き語り! ); to my knowledge and research, it hasn’t been featured in any anime (correct me if I’m wrong).

Nonetheless, it’s a nice song with a respectable piano line and good vocals. It was one of the first ones I got. Have a listen:

Oku Hanako 楔 Kusabi with English lines by mokade3 [YouTube]
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Makoto in a still-frame from "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time"

Garnet (Hikigatari) / ガーネット(弾き語り)

Garnet / GAANETTO / ガーネット: Transliteration of “garnet“, the January birthstone

Garnet / ガーネット(弾き語り) is the theme song for the 2006 Madhouse movie The Girl Who Leapt Through Time / Toki o Kakeru Shoujo / 時をかける少女 (official site[jp]). I won’t go too much into the movie (I’ll save that for another post), but it’s about a girl named Makoto who gains the ability to “leap” through time, which she uses carelessly until she finds out the consequences. She also falls in love with a boy, Chiaki, and complications arise towards the end of the movie. “Garnet” is about Makoto’s feelings towards Chiaki.

“Garnet” is the song that made her famous, and I’d say most people who listen to her music started with this song; this holds true at least for the Westerners, if not also for the Japanese.

By the way, the word hikigatari / 弾き語り means that it’s just her and her piano; according to the J-talk translator, it means “singing to one’s own accompaniment”.

奥 華子/ガーネット(弾き語り) by ponycanyon [YouTube]

Don’t ask me why she’s sleeping in a piano; I didn’t make the video.

“Garnet” is a beautiful song and you can expect more like this from her. I’d say it’s one of her representative hikigatari works. I remember watching the movie and being in awe at even just the first few notes. When she started singing, wow! I was speechless; I knew I had heard something special.

I’m not into anime, but I’ll recommend “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time”, for the music if not also for the story.

EDIT 2013-09-14: At first, the title of the song may not seem to relate to the song. After reading an interview, I realized that it actually fits quite nicely. Garnet is the birthstone of January and it symbolizes constancy, true friendship, and fidelity.

For those of you who aren’t really into hikigatari piano (I’m looking at you, Solarblade), don’t worry: she has some really good arranged works, too. I’ll be posting some, so watch for them!

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