Translation for Ajisai / 紫陽花

Ajisai / 紫陽花: “hydrangea”. (紫: “violet”; 陽: “sun”; 花: “flower”).

Hey there! Hope you all have been well; I promised tPenguinLTG a post or two while he was on hiatus, so here’s one. I really enjoyed this song—the melody is soothing; the lyrics are poetic.

One part of the lyrics that I found interesting/tricky was the following line:

いろんな形で あなたを守れたのに (ironna katachi de anata wo mamoreta no ni)

The phrase “no ni” (のに) usually means “despite this”/”but even so”/”and yet”. I’m used to seeing it used the following way: “十一時なのに、おなかがすいた。” (juuichiji na no ni, onaka ga suita; It’s already 11 pm, but I’m still hungry.) With this in mind, the above lyric would translate to something like “I was able to protect you in many different ways, but…” After consulting some Japanese resources, however, I realized that “no ni” at the end of a sentence is used to express regret for an action (or inaction). So a better translation would be: “I would’ve been able to protect you in many different ways (if only I were more of an adult).”

Such a difference a little change makes, eh?



I wasn’t able to say goodbye
That word is much too sad
If it hadn’t been raining that night,
I would not have been able to decide to part with you

If there were only two people in the entire world,
Would it also have been possible to start over again?

If only I were just a little bit,
just a little bit,
more of an adult
I would’ve been able to protect you in many different ways

I’m not lonely!
Even when you’re not around
Hugging myself tightly, pretending to be tough
In the sleepless nights,
The rains’ voices are noisy, beating against the window

Together with you I listened to it well,
The humming of that song
Please, rain, don’t stop
So that nobody else can hear it

If only I were just a little bit,
just a little bit,
more of a child
I would’ve been able to protect in many different ways

Outside the window, my tears flow down quietly
The hydrangeas are blooming, just like the ones we saw together that day
Translation by Rosanne



For the first time in this blog’s history, I will be going on hiatus for about three weeks. Don’t worry, I’ll still post last weekend’s song soon.Sorry, I guess not.

I’ve asked Rosanne to try to put up a translation or two while I’m gone. Have a say in what she translates! Go take a look at the list of songs needing translations and vote for a song in the comments.

I’ll see you back here in about three weeks!

Hataraku Neko / 働くネコ

Hataraku Neko / 働くネコ: “Working Cat”

hataraku / 働く
“to work” (at a job)
neko / ネコ
猫, “cat”

If you’re lucky enough to have a copy of the special 3CD limited edition of “Oku Hanako BEST -My Letters-” (or if you’re really lucky, the Hanako Box), then you would have heard this song on the third disc (“unreleased songs”).

Back in 2007, Oku Hanako was hired to provide the music for the renzoku called Yukipon no Oshigoto / ユキポンのお仕事 (“Yukipon’s Occupation”; English title “Working Cat a Go! Go!”. Official site[jp]). Hataraku Neko is the show’s theme song.

Hataraku Neko is… odd. Odd, but fun. I suppose the same could be said about the show.

働くネコ []

The beginning is the clip used to introduce each episode. I’ll be posting something about Yukipon no Oshigoto soon, so watch for it!

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Oku Hanako got a cat!

I’ve been noticing more and more that Hanako-san has been posting pictures of a certain white cat on her blog, and it caught my attention that the pictures on her latest post featured only this cat.

A white cat on her blog posts

The stray white cat, Chiro / チロ

She has named it Chiro / チロ, because it’s white (compare shiroi / 白い; “white”).

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