Anata ni Suki to Iwaretai / あなたに好きと言われたい

Anata ni Suki to Iwaretai / あなたに好きと言われたい : “I’d Like To Call You My Favorite” (from the Generasia Wiki), or “I Want To Say ‘I Love You'” (from Wikipedia).

anata / あなた
ni / に
A particle indicating purpose or intent (my best guess). I’ll direct you to Wiktionary in case you think any of the other definitions fit better.
suki / 好き
“liking”, “fondness”, “love”
to / と
A particle meaning “with”. This was determined from the Wiktionary page by process of elimination.
iwaretai / 言われたい
Conjugation of iu / 言う , “to say” or “to call (give a name)”. re / れ signifies potential, and tai / たい expresses a desire or wish to do the verb. Putting it together, I would take it to mean “wanting to have a chance to call”.

I had previously posted the hikigatari version in hopes that you’d appreciate it better. Now you get to hear the song in its original powerfully-arranged form.

The first time I heard “Anata ni Suki to Iwaretai” was while I was new to Oku Hanako: I was looking around YouTube, using her list of singles as a guide.

“Anata ni Suki to Iwaretai” was her single released late 2008; it featured a very well-done strings arrangement. I was surprised when I heard it because it was different from Garnet and her other popular songs on the English YouTube. (Now I know she’s done heavier arrangements than this, but it’s still very well done).

I ended up listening to this for days, and it’s the second Oku Hanako song for which I’ve done that (the first was Garnet).

Hanako Oku – Anata ni suki to iwaretai by Hoàng Thanh Thanh [YouTube]

I’ve heard this song was featured in an anime (further suggested by the end of this video), but I haven’t been able to find out which.
Update 2014-02-11: I found another video which appears to be the audio source of the other video. Whether the clip is actually supposed to go with the song is another matter; I doubt it, though.



Oikakete oikaketemo
anata no senaka no haji mo mienai
hitotsu dake negaeru no nara
anata ni suki to iwaretai

Itsuka waratteitte kureta nee
atashi wa donna koto demo hanaseru to
sore wa dore dake zankokuka wo
you wouldn’t know

Aenakunaru kurai nara jibun no kokoro ni uso wo tsuku no
zutto soba ni itai koibito janakuttemo

Oikakete oikaketemo
anata no senaka no haji mo mieni
ichido dake, uso demo ii kara
anata ni suki to iwaretai

Moshimo ano ko ni nareru no nara
yappari atashi wa sou erabu deshou
hito wa mamoritai mono dake ni
hontou no uso wo tsukeru no ka na

Yonaka no denwa kyuu ni “gomen nee” to itsumo no koe de anata wa zurui nee
soba ni irarenai nara yasashiku shinai de

Mou nidoto modorenai nara
anata wo dakishimirarenai nara
kono koe mo kono karada mo
ano toki sutereba yokatta

Aitai tada sore dake de atashi wo ugakushiteirun desu
aenai tada sono koto ga subete no kokoro wo madowashite yuku no deshou

Oikakete oikaketemo
anata no senaka no haji mo mienai
mou nidoto anata no koe do
atashi wo yobanakutemo ii kara
hitotsu dake negaeru no nara
anata ni suki to iwaretai

Transliteration by Tsukiokuhime


追いかけて追いかけても あなたの背中の端も見えない
一つだけ願えるのなら あなたに好きと言われたい

いつか笑って言ってくれたね あたしにはどんな事でも話せると
それがどれだけ残酷かを あなたは知るはずもないでしょう

会えなくなるくらいなら 自分の心に嘘をつくの
ずっと傍にいたい 恋人じゃなくても

追いかけて追いかけても あなたの背中の端も見えない
一度だけ嘘でもいいから あなたに好きと言われたい

もしも あの子になれるのなら やっぱりあたしはそれを選ぶでしょう
人は守りたいものだけに 本当の嘘をつけるのかな

夜中の電話 急にゴメンネと いつもの声で あなたはずるいね
傍にいられないなら 優しくしないで

もう二度と戻れないなら あなたを抱き締められないなら
この声も この体も あの時 捨てればよかった

会いたい ただそれだけで あたしを動かしているんです
会えない ただそのことが 全ての心を惑わしてゆくのでしょう

追いかけて追いかけても あなたの背中の端も見えない
もう二度と あなたの声で あたしを呼ばなくてもいいから
一つだけ願えるのなら あなたに好きと言われたい


English Translation

no matter how I chase after you
I still can’t see your back
if I’m allowed to wish for one thing
I want you to tell me that you loved me

I hope one day you could talk to me
about anything with laugh on your face
you wouldn’t know
how cruel you are

when I couldn’t meet you I lied to myself
even though you’re not my boyfriend, I always want to be with you

no matter how I chase after you
I couldn’t even see your back
only once, it’s okay to lie to me
I just want to hear you say that you loved me

if I had given a choice to be her
I’d do so
I wonder if that was the truth
that people use lie to protect someone dear for them

you suddenly called me in the middle of the night and apologize
you did it so nonchalantly, how cruel, don’t be kind to me when we cannot be close

if I couldn’t return anymore
and I couldn’t hold you in my arms
I’d rather throw away
my body and voice from that time

I’m driven by my need to see you
and my heart become undone when I couldn’t see you

No matter how I chase after you
I couldn’t see your back
it’s okay
if you wouldn’t call me anymore
if I’m allowed to make one wish
I want you to tell me that you loved me

Translation by Tsukiokuhime

Alternate translation (more literal)

I run after you
But no matter how I keep running
I can’t get even a glimpse of your back
If I could just have one wish
I want you to tell me you love me

You told me to smile someday, didn’t you?
You think you can tell me anything at all
You really have no idea how cruel that is, don’t you?

If I can’t see you anymore
would I lie to my own heart?
I want to always be by your side
Even if we aren’t lovers

I run after you
But no matter how I keep running
I can’t get even a glimpse of your back
Just once, it’s okay even if it’s a lie
I want you to tell me you love me

If I have the chance to become that person
I guess I’ll choose to do so, won’t I?
I wonder if people only lie
to those they want to protect
The midnight phone call you made
and said ‘Sorry for being so sudden’
in your usual tone of voice –
you really are sly, aren’t you?
If you don’t want to be with me,
don’t be so kind

If I can’t have you back anymore
If I can’t hold you anymore
This voice, even this body
I should have thrown them away back then

I want to see you
just that alone keeps me going on
I can’t see you, just for that alone
I wonder if I should close the window to all my heart

I run after you
But no matter how I keep running
I can’t get even a glimpse of your back
It’s okay if you don’t call me with your voice anymore
If I could just have one wish
I want you to tell me you love me

Translation by Adlina on JpopAsia


7 thoughts on “Anata ni Suki to Iwaretai / あなたに好きと言われたい

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  5. There was this great YouTube video (now long since been removed by record company weasels unfortunately). Perhaps you have seen it. She is on this Japanese talk show. Hosted by this guy that looked like the Japanese John Lennon (similar green army jacket)
    She is there to promote a concert, and sings a couple of her commercial jingles first, which the audience recognize and enjoy. After that, she plays this song, and wow does she do it full of emotion. She pours out her heart, and is tearing up a little by the end. You can tell the performance drained her. She is sniffling as she comes over to talk to the host. She is trying to gain her composure, but she is a little teary-eyed and sniffling. The host is joking around. As she tries to gain her composure, her vulnerability shows for an instant, and in that moment makes herself absolutely beautiful. What a great artist.

      • Remember that Chinese website that had the four Oku concerts? I just checked today, after maybe about three weeks… and all of them were removed.

        I can understand that, because those are DVDs that fans should buy.

        Not so some of these Japanese TV appearances. They are not available anywhere else. I would think that the record company would want to let those go, as it would only stimulate interest in the artist, which would be more profitable in the long run …

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