Kumo Yori mo Tooku / 雲よりも遠く

Kumo Yori mo Tooku / 雲よりも遠く: “Further Than Even the Clouds”

kumo / (くも)
yori / より
“more than”
mo / も
A particle meaning “also” or “even”
tooku / (とお)

The Delta Aquariids meteor shower peaks this Friday night/Saturday morning, and meteors are certainly farther than the clouds.

“Kumo Yori mo Tooku” is the first track on her self-produced indies single vol.1, reappearing again as the second track on vol.best.

I never realized how much of a sad song this is. We have a translation today by Icepath that reveals the singer longing for a former lover who left her for someone else. Her love is out of reach, further than even the clouds. Heavy stuff; this is her indies for you.

The chorus features Oku Hanako trying to hit higher notes. Not surprisingly, she doesn’t hit them as well as she would today (for example, see Ai to Iu Takaramono / 愛という宝物); it comes out a little airy and a bit jarring. Because of that, I wouldn’t recommend having someone new to Oku Hanako’s works listen to this just yet. For those of us who have been fans for a while, we can use this to show just how much she’s improved as a singer. That said, I’ve heard this song enough times that it doesn’t sound out-of-place for me.

Kumo Yori mo Tooku-Oku Hanako **Sub español+ Letra romaji** by Azura Allazjward Kurosu [YouTube]

She really brings out the longing in her singing, and the hikigatari piano adds a fitting sense of loneliness.

On the lyrics, I wonder if the singer is actually meant to be male. The singer went to lengths to buy a ring, which is traditionally bought by the man, and she uses the masculine pronoun boku / 僕.

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Kataomoi / 片想い

Kataomoi / 片思い: “Unrequited Love”

Today we step into some Oku Hanako history. Kataomoi, according to her old biography page, was made in 1996 and is her first completed song. Her friends were making songs, so she gave it a shot. She was 18 at the time.

Kataomoi was first released as track 7 on vol.best and a live version was later included in her 2007 TIME NOTE concert release.

片想い - 奥華子《歌詞付き》・・・他の人を思っていても そんな事はどうでもいいの… by dm2green7coralreef [Dailymotion]

I found a translation of this song by Nakari Amane which I’ve included later in the post. I edited it somewhat because I felt certain lines could have been worded better and I have to say, the lyrics are quite impressive, especially for her first song. The lyrics are very rich. The lines that hit me the most are the last two lines of the last chorus:

片想いでも 友達でもいいから あなたを好きでいたい
Kataomoi demo tomodachi demo ii kara Anata wo suki de itai
でもいつか私の気持ちに 答えてくれると信じさせて
Demo itsuka watashi no kimochi ni Kotaete kureru to shinjisasete

which Nakari Amane translated as (with my edits):

It’s fine even if it’s unrequited, even if we’re just friends
I still want to love you
But let me believe that someday you will answer my feelings

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Namida no Iro / 涙の色

Namida no Iro / 涙の色: “Colour of tears”

namida / 涙
no / の
A particle indicating the possessive. Roughly equivalent to “of”.
iro / 色

“Namida no Iro” is another one of Oku Hanako’s indies songs. It first appeared on vol.2, and later on vol.best. If I remember correctly, this was one of my “original 14”, so this one brings back memories.

As with many of her indies songs, it’s a simple-sounding yet heartfelt song. She makes it clear that the speaker is saddened. I think “colour of tears” is metaphorical in that the song isn’t talking about the colour of the tears, but rather saying that the mood has or is painted with the colour of tears, or in other words, it’s a sad mood. It may also have a deeper meaning if you take iro / 色 to have something to do with love, but I don’t think that definition quite fits here.

涙の色 ♪奥華子 by Relation -of-the-heart [YouTube]

If you think that photo of the Lawson store (2:18) is out of place, it isn’t really: she mentions a convenience store (KONBINI / コンビニ) at that time in the song. (Yes, Denny, I’m addressing your YouTube comment)

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Sono Te / その手

Sono Te / その手: “this hand”

sono / その
“that” (close to the listener)
te / 手

“Sono Te” is another one of her indies songs found on vol.best. I can’t picture her singing this in a concert nowadays, so I guess it’s one of those songs that won’t ever get mentioned.

I’d say that this song is one of her typical indies songs: it features a simple melody, an electric piano, and is a love song. The melody might be a bit repetitive, but it works with what the lyrics mean (unfortunately, no human translation is available). I get the impression that the song is about holding hands. I’m not sure what else to say about it, so I’ll let you form your own opinions:

その手 by yahiro0108 [YouTube]

I like how the chorus makes parallels: first, she sings “that hand, that arm, that chest”, then sings later on, “that hand, that finger, that fingernail”. That’s Oku Hanako poetry for you.

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Tsutaetai Kotoba / 伝えたい言葉

Tsutaetai Kotoba / 伝えたい言葉: “words I want to say”

tsutaetai / 伝えたい
“to want to say/convey/communicate”. This is the “desire” form of tsutaeru / 伝える (“to convey”, “to communicate”).
kotoba / 言葉

The translation on Generasia gives “cold words”, but I couldn’t figure out how that could be. Perhaps I should edit it.

Another one of her indies, and one of the better ones at that. Tsutaetai Kotoba first appeared in vol.3 and reappeared on vol.best. However, if I didn’t know that, I’d think that it’s from Yasashii Hana no Saku Basho / やさしい花の咲く場所.

From what I gather about the lyrics (and as usual, I could be completely wrong about this), the speaker is addressing one of her parents (I’m inclined to say her mother, but with little justification). I get the impression that her parent recently passed away and she wants to say “thank you” for all the things her parent has done for her. Given that, I don’t think Generasia’s translation of “cold words” fits at all.

伝えたい言叶 [music.163.com]

Oh, that interlude! She really knows how to build up energy and give feeling to the song.

This song reminds me a little of Tori to Kumo To Ao / 鳥と雲と青. They’re both indies-era songs, and although Tori to Kumo to Ao was on vol.1 and Tsutaetai Kotoba was on vol.3, the arranged version of Tori to Kumo to Ao was released on the next album (Yasashii Hana no Saku Basho / やさしい花の咲く場所). Come to think of it, there may not be any connection besides being from the same era.

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Translation for Aisareteitai / 愛されていたい

Aisareteitai / 愛されていたい: “I want to be loved”

When tPenguinLTG asked me to translate this song, he also asked that I explain the proper romanization of the title. I believe it’s Aisareteitai (as opposed to, say, Aisarete itai). Aisareteitai is just the -tai (-たい, “to desire”) form of aisareteiru (愛されている, “to be loved”). You almost never see a space between the -te form of a verb and iru in roumaji.

I found this song to be a bit more difficult to translate, as most of the phrases had very ambiguous subjects (Japanese speakers tend to leave subjects out of sentences—this makes the language heavily dependent on context). Nevertheless, the lyrics were interesting to work with since they were quite poignant. I also thought this song worked very well with the CLANNAD video in the original post—but then again that might just be because CLANNAD itself already provokes a very keen sense of melancholy.

Anyway, enjoy! 🙂



Do people become tender just from memories of being loved?

In the middle of a noisy street, you can miss even the people passing by you
Only sighing words are flowing from you

Even if I pulled you along inside my empty heart,
You wouldn’t see me, would you? Wouldn’t notice me, would you?
My heart will keep on being scattered about

I want to be loved,
More and more by you
I want to be loved,
By you—you aren’t just anybody
I want to feel your breath—so much, to the point of sadness
I think of you too much

Even if I were to cheat loneliness,
Even if the heart disappeared,
No matter what, they’re useless without you

And just thinking about you earnestly doesn’t help me reach you, does it?
The closer we get, the farther apart we seem,
And the heart becomes unable to beat

I want to be loved,
More and more by you
I want to be loved,
By you—you aren’t just anybody
I can be tender;
I have my eye on you
I think of you too much

Like scattered clouds floating distantly,
I am always crying to you

I want to be loved,
More and more by you
I want to be loved,
By you—you aren’t just anybody
Find me—I’m not just anybody
I want to be loved,
By you—you aren’t just anybody
I want to feel you breathe—so much, to the point of sadness
I think of you too much
Translation by Rosanne

Aisareteitai / 愛されていたい

2014-10-09: Added translation

Aisareteitai / 愛されていたい: “I want to be loved”

aisarete / 愛されて
“to be loved”. This is the “te” form of the passive form of aisuru / 愛する (“to love”)
itai / いたい
“Want to be”. This is the “-tai” form, which indicates a desire, of the verb iru / いる (“to be”).

The breakdown of the translation here is a tough one because it requires knowledge of what the different verb endings mean. I’ve even seen it romanized into two words, “aisarete” and “itai”. I’ll have to check with someone who knows Japanese and I’ll update the post accordingly. I’ve checked with Rosanne and did a little bit of research based on the information she gave me. It makes a lot more sense now.

“Aisareteitai” is one of her indies songs, first appearing in vol.2, and later on vol.best.

This song is definitely one of her better indies songs. I think she even employs some slight vibrato in places, too. If the style weren’t so much that of vol.best, it might pass for something in Koi Tegami (compare with Kagami / 鏡).

「Clannad」【AMV】 ~Kyou & Tomoyo OVA~ †Aisareteitai† by Mistoyuikotza

Ohh, I love the build-up of energy in this song! Her high notes get a little airy, as is the norm for this album, but it doesn’t detract from the song. The song is very powerful, and it’s quite impressive that it’s just her and her keyboard.

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