All Songs Live! Blu-ray BOX track list announced!

I have just found the track list for Oku Hanako’s upcoming Blu-ray release, “Oku Hanako 10 Shuunen Arigatou! Hikigatari Zenkyoku Live! Blu-ray BOX” / 『奥華子10周年ありがとう!弾き語り全曲ライブ!Blu-rayBOX』 (“Oku Hanako 10 Years Thank You! Hikigatari All Songs Live! Blu-ray BOX”). The release is scheduled for December 21 of this year. Priced at ¥15000, this is her most expensive release yet, even more so than the “875 BOX” edition of “Oku Hanako BEST -My Letters” (¥8750).

Blu-ray BOX contents

The contents of the Blu-ray BOX

True to its name, it looks like the box’s four discs contain 151 songs: all her original songs that were released since her first indies release in 2000, Ai no Shizuku / 愛のしずく, as well as her original songs from the 2009 Oku Hanako Day concert, sung live in concert. This does not include the CM songs such as the TEPCO jingle and the Café Restaurant Gusto jingle. Also not included are her really obscure indies songs like Mou Nakanaide / もう泣かないで, Suki na Hito / 好きな人 and Kageriyuku Machi de / かげりゆく街で.

There is one song on the list that doesn’t seem to fit the pattern: Mirai no Iro / 未来の色, track 13 on disc 2. This song was not released on an album and was not sung at the Oku Hanako Day concert. According to that blog post by noburin28[jp], it was sung on June 25, 1999 at the LAPIN ET HALOT, and again on January 18, 2001 at the Star Pine’s Café, which makes this at least as old as Ai no Shizuku.

Discs 1 and 2 cover the concert held on July 17, 2016 held at the Yomiuri Hall and discs 3 and 4 cover the concert held on July 18, 2016, also at the Yomiuri Hall.

Is there a song here you don’t recognize or want more information about? Does it look like there’s a song missing? Leave a comment below!

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Trump / トランプ

Trump / TORANPU / トランプ: “Playing Cards”

No, this has nothing to do with the current US presidential election.

My first encounter with Trump was while reading solarblade’s reviews back in 2013 or 2014. Piano ballads aren’t really his thing, so of course he found it was boring and said that it wasn’t really worth listening to. Unfortunately, having read his reviews, I listened to the song and, being influenced by his opinion at the time, also found it boring.

However, I listen to it now and I think it’s great, even if the lyrics are a bit painful. She also has a live version of this song on Cinderella, her 2012 single, which I think is just as good, if not better (and as usual, that will be posted eventually).

トランプ by ぐーちゃん [Nico Nico Douga]

I’ve included Edward’s translation below, but as always, you should go read his translation notes as well.

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