Kimi no Hana / キミの花 cover art released!

The cover art for Oku Hanako’s upcoming double A-side single Kimi no Hana/Saigo no Kiss / キミの花/最後のキス was released today her blog as well as on the Pony Canyon news site.

Here’s the cover for the regular edition:

Kimi no Hana/Saigo no Kiss / キミの花/最後のキス regular edition cover art

Kimi no Hana/Saigo no Kiss / キミの花/最後のキス regular edition cover art

And here’s the cover for the Seiren edition, featuring the three main girls of the series – Tsuneki Hikari, Touno Kyouko and Miyamae Tooru:

Kimi no Hana/Saigo no Kiss / キミの花/最後のキス Seiren edition cover art

Kimi no Hana/Saigo no Kiss / キミの花/最後のキス Seiren edition cover art

In addition, the Pony Canyon post includes this as promotional art:

Promotional art

Promotional art

One more month to go!


Track list for Kimi no Hana / キミの花

The track list for Oku Hanako’s upcoming single, Kimi no Hana / キミの花, was announced on Oku Hanako’s blog earlier this week! It turns out that it’ll be another double A-side single, with the other song being Saigo no Kiss / 最後のキス (“Last Kiss”).

There will be two editions of this single: a Seiren edition and a regular edition. I wondered why the Seiren edition will be cheaper when it was first announced, and apparently it won’t have the third track.

Here’s the track list:

  1. Kimi no Hana / キミの花 (“Your Flower”)
  2. Saigo no Kiss / 最後のキス (“Last Kiss”)
  3. Tsumiki / 積木 (“Building Blocks”)

Do any of these songs pop out at you? If you’re familiar with Oku-san’s more obscure works, Tsumiki / 積木 should. Tsumiki was released on Oku Hanako’s first indies release, the 2000 mini album Ai no Shizuku / 愛のしずく. The original was just her singing with a drum accompaniment. Later preformances purpotedly had a piano accompaniment. I predict this arrangement will have both, possibly with electric guitars. I’m certainly looking forward to hearing this one.

As for the main song, Kimi no Hana, we have the TV edit available to us. After all, it’s being used as the OP for Seiren.

Seiren OP[“Kimi no Hana (キミの花)” by Hanako Oku] by Rin Eleksra [YouTube]

The song is very unique in her discography. It’s the only song that I know of that is restricted to a rock band arrangement (keyboard, guitar, bass, drums). Like Ai to Iu Takaramono / 愛という宝物 from her last single, it seems the keyboard is no longer the featured instrument.

There are translations on Lyrical Nonsense and Dreamsland Lyrics. There’s also a translation in GJH’s fansub release of the anime.

According to the Pony Canyon announcement, Saigo no Kiss will be like an opposite to Kimi no Hana. It will be a “broken heart” ballad with grand strings and dramatic heartfelt singing. I’m not sure what to make of that, but I’m looking forward to hearing it.

If I’ve interpreted this correctly, this cover art is only for the digital release of “TV size” release of Kimi no Hana, available on iTunes and Rekochoku:

Kimi no Hana (TV size) cover art

Kimi no Hana (TV size) cover art

If that’s the case, I expect the cover art for the February 22 release to come out in a few weeks.

Meguriau Sekai / めぐり逢う世界

Meguriau Sekai / めぐり逢う世界: “Encountering the World”

meguriau / めぐり逢う
“to meet fortuitously”. The kanji for au / 逢う (“to meet”) has the nuance of a “fate encounter”.
sekai / 世界

We open the new year with meeting the world! “Meguri Sekai” was released as the last track on Oku Hanako’s 2008 album, Koi Tegami / 恋手紙.

MAD-PV:奥華子「めぐりあう世界」×「秒速5センチメートル」 by tomoka_thanks [Nico Nico Douga]

Perhaps it’s influenced by the title, but I feel the slow tempo, broad strings and reverb creates a grand atmosphere. It’s a good contrast from the more upbeat first track of the album, Saishuu Densha / 最終電車 (“Last Train”). Interestingly, one of the lines in this song mentions two people at a (train) station.

This line caught my eye:

心の奥で君に語りかける どんな言葉も物足りなくて
kokoro no oku de kimi ni katarikakeru donna kotoba mo monotarinakute
I speak to you with my inner feelings. Words will not do.

No, I don’t have a translation of the song, but I included my translation of the line there. What caught my eye wasn’t so much the meaning, but the first three words: “kokoro no oku” / 心の奥. Does the last kanji look familiar? It should, because her name is 奥華子. The phrase itself means “inner feelings” (kokoro / 心: “heart”, “feelings”; oku / 奥: “inner part”); it’s very much a stretch, but what if we also interpret oku / 奥 to be Oku-san? If we consider Oku Hanako as the speaker, interpreting 奥 as referring to her wouldn’t really change the meaning of the line because “my inner feelings” would be the same as “Oku’s inner feelings”, but it would more strongly affirm that she writes from her heart.

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