Wasurerareta Kinenbi / 忘れられた記念日

Wasurerareta Kinenbi / 忘れられた記念日: “forgotten anniversary”

wasurerareta / 忘れられた
“forgotten”. Passive form of the verb wasureru / 忘れる (“forget”).
kinenbi / 記念日

Whew, wasurerareta / 忘れられた is a mouthful! Just say it syllable by syllable: wa / わ, su / す, re / れ, ra / ら, re / れ, ta / た. Good!

“Wasurerareta Kinenbi” is one of Oku Hanako’s indies songs that didn’t make it to vol.best (which I find to be illogical because I consider it to be better than some of the songs on there). It appeared as the third track on vol.3, released in December 2004.

I’m not sure how the “forgotten” part of the title fits in with the song because the lyrics is about a couple’s second anniversary together.

Anyway, you’re in for a treat today!

奥華子全曲集 インディーズvol.1~4 by ichi [Nico Nico Douga]

If the beginning sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking of Sonna Fuu ni Shika Ienai Kedo / そんな風にしか言えないけど, even if it is just the first note.

I can’t get over how cute this song is! I’ll even say that it pales TAKOYAKI in that respect. It’s not only the song, but the lyrics as well.

Excuse me while I go hit “Play” again…

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Let It Be

Let It Be (original by The Beatles)

And here we have the only song (to my knowledge) that features Oku Hanako singing more than a few words in English! This cover of The Beatles’ “Let It Be” was sung with TAKUI[jp] (Nakajima Takui / 中島卓偉) and aired on June 15, 2008 on her old radio show, Kame Kame House / カメカメハウス[jp].

This duet cover has a guitar as its sole instrument, making it one of the few Oku Hanako songs that don’t feature a piano; then again, one could also argue that this isn’t one of her songs.

Regardless, it’s a very nice cover, and they employ some really beautiful harmonies in many places.

Let it be – Oku Hanako by Tuong Khang [YouTube]

It’s obvious (to me, at least) that they’re not singing in English, but rather the Japanese transliteration. For example, you can hear them saying an ‘r’ sound whenever there’s an ‘l’ sound, the ‘th’ becomes a ‘z’, and a vowel with an ‘r’ at the end often becomes a long vowel without the ‘r’. It makes more sense if you know the rules. However, I’m not one to knock them because their “English” is better than my “Japanese”.

I’m not used to hearing Oku Hanako sing like this, but I found it to be a pleasant experience.

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Kimi no Tame Nara Dekiru Koto / 君のためならできること

Kimi no Tame Nara Dekiru Koto / 君のためならできること: “you do it for yourself” (Generasia Wiki) “The Things I Can Only Do For You”.

kimi / 君
no / の
tame / ため
nara / なら
dekiru / できる
“can do”
koto / こと

Based on that breakdown, I might also translate it as “you do it for your own benefit” to clarify the previous translation. EDIT 2017-10-07: Now that I know more Japanese, this translates more literally to “Things I can do if they’re for your sake”.

It took me a while to appreciate this song—more than a year and a half—but it’s actually a really nice song that would go nicely in a playlist with Harukaze / 春風 and Hane / 羽 (which I will likely make and post eventually). It has a simple melody and is overall fairly relaxing, sure to put a smile on your face.

Watch out if you try to follow the lyrics while the song plays; she does a little more “syllable-smooshing” than usual. I think it may be one of those songs where the melody came before the lyrics.

君のためならできること by motimotianzu [YouTube]

Is that a recorder I hear? Recorders are sometimes looked down on as a child’s instrument (mostly because it’s often an instrument used to teach music to children), but sounds really nice here.

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Hatsukoi / 初恋

Hatsukoi / 初恋

hatsu- / 初
koi / 恋

Hatsukoi: it’s one of Oku Hanako’s 2010 singles and is undeniably one of her most moving songs. She almost always ends up looking emotionally drained after performing this song live, and if I get really into the song, it can get me, too.

It’s a sad song, telling about a couple who had recently broke up. The girl still likes the guy and begs him to remain friends. Well, it’s a little deeper than that; I’ll leave you to read the translation.

Musically, the song is tastefully and appropriately arranged. There are four main instruments: drums, guitar, strings, and of course, piano. They all add to the inherent sadness of the song, especially the strings.

This song also features, in my opinion, the best of her music videos:

Hanako Oku – Hatsukoi [JPopsuki]

Or, for those low on bandwidth:


I think the song has been somewhat overused in promotional material, but Hatsukoi is definitely one of Oku Hanako’s best.

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Translation for Aisareteitai / 愛されていたい

Aisareteitai / 愛されていたい: “I want to be loved”

When tPenguinLTG asked me to translate this song, he also asked that I explain the proper romanization of the title. I believe it’s Aisareteitai (as opposed to, say, Aisarete itai). Aisareteitai is just the -tai (-たい, “to desire”) form of aisareteiru (愛されている, “to be loved”). You almost never see a space between the -te form of a verb and iru in roumaji.

I found this song to be a bit more difficult to translate, as most of the phrases had very ambiguous subjects (Japanese speakers tend to leave subjects out of sentences—this makes the language heavily dependent on context). Nevertheless, the lyrics were interesting to work with since they were quite poignant. I also thought this song worked very well with the CLANNAD video in the original post—but then again that might just be because CLANNAD itself already provokes a very keen sense of melancholy.

Anyway, enjoy! 🙂



Do people become tender just from memories of being loved?

In the middle of a noisy street, you can miss even the people passing by you
Only sighing words are flowing from you

Even if I pulled you along inside my empty heart,
You wouldn’t see me, would you? Wouldn’t notice me, would you?
My heart will keep on being scattered about

I want to be loved,
More and more by you
I want to be loved,
By you—you aren’t just anybody
I want to feel your breath—so much, to the point of sadness
I think of you too much

Even if I were to cheat loneliness,
Even if the heart disappeared,
No matter what, they’re useless without you

And just thinking about you earnestly doesn’t help me reach you, does it?
The closer we get, the farther apart we seem,
And the heart becomes unable to beat

I want to be loved,
More and more by you
I want to be loved,
By you—you aren’t just anybody
I can be tender;
I have my eye on you
I think of you too much

Like scattered clouds floating distantly,
I am always crying to you

I want to be loved,
More and more by you
I want to be loved,
By you—you aren’t just anybody
Find me—I’m not just anybody
I want to be loved,
By you—you aren’t just anybody
I want to feel you breathe—so much, to the point of sadness
I think of you too much
Translation by Rosanne