Ookina Furudokei / 大きな古時計

Ookina Furudokei / 大きな古時計: “big grandfather clock”

ookina / 大きな
furudokei / 古時計
grandfather clock

You may be familiar with this song. This is the Japanese version of the 1876 song “My Grandfather’s Clock, by Henry Clay Work.

This song appeared on a bonus CD that was given out to those who got her 2013 Live DVD “Cinderella”/Concert Tour ’12 Hikigatari ~5th Letter~ / “シンデレラ”/CONCERT TOUR’12 弾き語り~5th Letter~ on its release day.

Hanako to Hitsuji / 華子とひつじ CD

Hanako to Hitsuji / 華子とひつじ CD

The CD is called Hanako to Hitsuji / 華子とひつじ (“Hanako with sheep”), which possibly refers to the time she went to Hitsuji no Oka / ひつじの丘[jp] (website[jp]) in Hokkaido in 2012 (I’ll post the four videos sometime).

Oku Hanako with sheep

Sheep at Hitsuji no Oka

The bonus CD contained this song, Furusato / ふるさと, and Oku Hanako counting 100 sheep with an a cappella rendition of Yurikago no Uta / ゆりかごのうた midway (or so I’ve read).

Oku-san’s rendition of Ookina Furudokei is beautiful. It really captures the sentimental quality of the song, and in my opinion, it’s timeless.

大きな古時計 (ピアノ弾き語り♪) 奥華子 okuhanako by 優木華子 [YouTube]

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