MOTHER [96neko / 96猫]


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there!

Todays song, MOTHER, is not actually sung by Oku Hanako. It is a collaboration with utaite 96neko / 96猫 (pronounced “kuro neko” for the same reason that Oku Hanako uses 09875). 96neko did the vocals, Oku Hanako composed the music, and they both worked on the lyrics. It was released as the last track on 96neko’s 2013 album, Iris.

Oku Hanako with 96neko

Oku Hanako with 96neko

I’m not sure where I read this, but I remember reading that this song is autobiographic; that is, these are 96neko’s words to her mother. The music video, illustrated the same person who did the video for Hanabi / 花火, Mogelatte / モゲラッタ, shows a girl who is very likely to be 96neko.

[Eng Sub] MOTHER [96neko] by Coleena Wu [YouTube]

It’s a very beautiful and very real song. The words express the intention very clearly and the singing and accompaniment capture the emotion quite well. I can’t be sure, but I’d like to believe that Oku Hanako was the one playing the piano. In any case, the two make an amazing pair and I would love to hear them do another song together.

Be sure to tell your mother “I love you” this Mother’s Day!

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Sakura Namiki / 桜並木

Sakura Namiki / 桜並木: “Roadside Cherry Trees”

sakura / 桜
“cherry tree”, “cherry blossom”
namiki / 並木
“roadside tree”

Cherry blossom season is pretty much over now, but that’s no reason to hold back posting this song. I’m going to pull the “… bring May flowers” excuse.

Sakura Namiki is track 10 of Oku Hanako’s 2007 album, TIME NOTE. I’m not really sure what to say about this song. It mentions graduation and how the cherry trees looked that day. Graduation day in Japan takes place at the end of March, the peak of the cherry blossom season.

Musically, I would say the song takes on an appropriate recollective feel and takes its time, with many long notes in the melody.

桜並木 by pipppppppppppi [YouTube]

I don’t have a translation for this song, but I hear hints of sadness. What do you think?

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