Kaette Oide / 帰っておいで

Kaette Oide / 帰っておいで: “Come back home”

kaette / 帰って
The te form of kaeru / 帰る, “to go home”
oide / おいで
“to come”, “to return”

“Come back here” is the translation given by the video below, and “come back to me” is the translation given by Generasia. There’s a chance that it’s wrong, but I think it works better if it’s “come back home”. I’ve tweaked the translation to match that. Please correct me if I’m wrong, of course.

Kaette Oide is the CF song (“commercial film” song) for the East Japan Railway Company’s ekinaka; the commercial is included later in this post. According to Yopie, The ekinaka (literally “inside a station”) is the space inside the train station that’s filled with shops. It’s actually a pretty smart idea, and business is growing.

As for the song itself, it’s relaxing and welcoming. Listening to it makes me feel like a student who wants to go back home for the summer. The song is really “nothing special”, but even that’s part of its charm.

Kaette Oide english and japanese by My Channel [YouTube]

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10th anniversary single announced!

My, it’s almost 10 years already since Oku Hanako debuted as a major artist. Can you believe it? I can’t find any information on exactly when she signed with Pony Canyon, her record label, but her first major release was on July 27, 2005 (Yasashii Hana / やさしい花).

In celebration of her 10th anniversary, she’s releasing another single[jp]: Kusabi / 楔-くさび. Yes, it’s that popular indies song of hers. Just like all the other indies songs that got turned into singles, it will be resung and arranged; according to Barks, strings have been added to make it even more emotional. I can’t wait to hear how this turns out!

The single will be released on July 22. In the meantime, I know you now have the urge to listen to the original, so here it is:

Oku Hanako 楔 Kusabi with English lines by mokade3 [YouTube]

Sayonara / さよなら [Off Course]

Sayonara / さよなら: “goodbye”

Don’t worry, as much as I’ve been absent, this is not a hint that I’m going away.

Oku Hanako participated in the Live Depot show in 2006 (November 30, 2006). Like in the year before, she sings again with Ooe Senri / 大江千里 on the piano.

They performed a cover of Sayonara / さよなら, the 1979 single by Off Course / オフコース. Below is the recording of their performance in 240p glory (unfortunately, it’s the best I can find):

奥華子・さよなら カバー [Youku]

As expected, being a piano cover, it has a slightly different feel than the original, but I don’t think it deviates too much from the intent.

That interlude was an impressive performance by Ooe-san. You wouldn’t be able to tell just by listening to it, but if you watched the performance, you would have seen him crossing hands for the interlude. It can be really awkward (and thus somewhat difficult) to play like that, especially for that long.

Oku Hanako did a great job, too. They both look like they’re having fun performing this song, and that always makes things like this seem more unified.

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