Koi Tsubomi (Piano Hikigatari) / 恋つぼみ(ピアノ弾き語り)

Koi Tsubomi (Piano Hikigatari) / 恋つぼみ(ピアノ弾き語り): “Love bud (solo piano)”

恋 / koi
tsubomi / つぼみ
蕾, “bud” (of a flower)

“Koi Tsubomi” is Oku Hanako’s third single. The song was featured on NHK’s Minna no Uta program from February to March in 2006.

Like most of her singles, this song comes in an arranged and a hikigatari version. I prefer the hikigatari version and that’s the version that was featured on Minna no Uta, so I wanted to post that version first.

Below is the animated video shown on Minna no Uta, fansubbed by Mognet:

AMV portfolio – Jsme profesionálové II: Hanako Oku / Koi Tsubomi by amvportfolio

Given that it was February when the video was aired, and that there isn’t anything hinting that it was for Christmas, I think the idea that this video is an animated Christmas card is Mognet’s subbing liberty. However, I’m going to exploit that anyway. I hope you had a merry Christmas and will have a happy New Year!

Here’s the full song found on the single:

恋つぼみ(ピアノ弾き語り) (Koi Tsubomi – Piano Version) – Hanako Oku [zing.vn]

The Mognet translation only had what was in the short version. However, it was only a couple of lines that were missing, so I filled it in myself. If you have a better translation, leave it in the comments.

You’re just looking at the boat rolling in the waves, aren’t you?
That time tears fell was only my secret.

In the passing seasons,
I won’t forget you smiling, I won’t forget you.

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