Ai wo Mitsuketa Basho / 愛を見つけた場所

Ai wo Mitsuketa Basho / 愛を見つけた場所 : “the place where I have found love”

ai / 愛
“love”, “affection” (less selfish than koi / 恋 )
wo / を
a particle which indicates the previous word is the direct object of the following word. It is an accusative case particle.
mitsuketa / 見つけた
the perfective form of mitsukeru / 見つける , meaning “to find” or “to discover”.
basho / 場所

EDIT: This song was used as the ending of Hibike! Euphonium episode 8.

“Ai wo Mitsuketa Basho” is one of the few new songs on her 2012 “best” compilation, Oku Hanako BEST -My Letters-. According to the letter included with the album, this song was inspired by Yasashii Hana no Saku Basho / やさしい花の咲く場所, her major debut single. This song features a light arrangement that’s very nice to listen to while you’re doing work.

I’ve posted many heavy songs last month, so I figured it was time for something a little lighter. Besides, what better way to start off Februrary than with a song about finding love? I was even able to find a translation this time!

愛を見つけた場所 []

I didn’t have as much to say as I usually do. Perhaps I’m still “recovering“.



Nee ima dare ni aitai no
Nee ima dare wo aishiteru no?
Sore ga watashi de aru koto wo itsumo negatteru ndayo

Nee kokoro wa mienai kara
Sou sugu fuan ni naru keredo
Shinjiru koto de shika watashitachi wa ashita ni susumenai nda

Yozora ni ukabu hoshitachi dareka wo omoi nagara
Kono machijuu de doredake no hito ga miageteru no kana?

Sekaijuu no kirei na mono wo zenbu atsumete mita to shite mo
Anata ga ima waratte kureru soredake ni wa kamawanai

Nee anata to iru mirai wo
Mou mayowazu shinjirareru
Donna kotoba yori mo anata wa tada tonari ni ite kureta kara

Mou ichido ai wo motomete umarete kita to shitara
Anata no moto he yasashii iro wo shita hana wo todokeru yo

Sekaijuu no yasashii mono wo zenbu atsumete mita to shite mo
Anata no te ni tsutsumareteru kono basho ni wa kamawanai
Anata ga ima waratte kureru soredake de ikite yukeru
Anata no te ni tsutsumareterukono basho ni wa kamawanai

Ai wo mitsuketa basho

From JpopAsia


ねぇ 今 誰に会いたいの?
ねぇ 今 誰を愛してるの?
それが私であることを いつも願ってるんだよ

ねぇ 心は見えないから
そう すぐ不安になるけれど
信じる事でしか 私たちは 明日に進めないんだ

夜空に浮かぶ星たち 誰かを想いながら
この街中で どれだけの人が 見上げてるのかな?

世界中の綺麗なものを 全部集めてみたとしても
あなたが今 笑ってくれる それだけには敵わない

ねぇ あなたといる未来を
もう 迷わず信じられる
どんな言葉よりも あなたはただ 隣にいてくれたから

もう一度 愛を求めて 生まれてきたとしたら
あなたのもとへ やさしい色をした花を届けるよ

世界中の優しいものを 全部集めてみたとしても
あなたの手に 包まれてる この場所には敵わない
あなたが今 笑ってくれる それだけで生きてゆける
あなたの手に 包まれてる この場所には敵わない




Hey, who do you want to see right now?
Hey, who do you love right now?
I’m always here wishing that it were me

Hey, I can’t see my heart
And that instantly becomes a worry for me but
We can’t move on to tomorrow, by just the things we believe in

The stars that rise to the night sky, do so as they keep someone in mind
How many people in this town are looking up at them? I wonder

Even if I’ve seen all the beautiful things in the world gathered before my eyes
Nothing compares to you who’s smiling for me right now

Hey, without hesitating anymore
I can believe of a future where I’m with you
More than any words, because you’re merely by my side

If I was once more reborn to come seek love
I’ll bring to you, a flower with a graceful color

Even if I’ve seen all the beautiful things in the world gathered before my eyes
It doesn’t compare to here where you’re holding my hand
Just by you smiling right now I can go on living
It doesn’t compare to here where you’re holding my hand

The place where I found love

From Language By Music


9 thoughts on “Ai wo Mitsuketa Basho / 愛を見つけた場所

      • The song was used recently in an anime called “Hibike! Euphonium.” Two characters did a euphonium and trumpet together using this song. It was a good re-arrangement, and more importantly, to the eyes of many, really gay.

      • Ah, that put things into context. I had actually written a post about it being played in the eighth episode, and I watched the series myself some months after that. Although I didn’t interpret them as gay undertones (it’s KyoAni after all), I can see why some would, especially those with “yuri goggles”. I just never connected this comment with the series.

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