Tsutaetai Kotoba / 伝えたい言葉

Tsutaetai Kotoba / 伝えたい言葉: “words I want to say”

tsutaetai / 伝えたい
“to want to say/convey/communicate”. This is the “desire” form of tsutaeru / 伝える (“to convey”, “to communicate”).
kotoba / 言葉

The translation on Generasia gives “cold words”, but I couldn’t figure out how that could be. Perhaps I should edit it.

Another one of her indies, and one of the better ones at that. Tsutaetai Kotoba first appeared in vol.3 and reappeared on vol.best. However, if I didn’t know that, I’d think that it’s from Yasashii Hana no Saku Basho / やさしい花の咲く場所.

From what I gather about the lyrics (and as usual, I could be completely wrong about this), the speaker is addressing one of her parents (I’m inclined to say her mother, but with little justification). I get the impression that her parent recently passed away and she wants to say “thank you” for all the things her parent has done for her. Given that, I don’t think Generasia’s translation of “cold words” fits at all.

伝えたい言叶 [music.163.com]

Oh, that interlude! She really knows how to build up energy and give feeling to the song.

This song reminds me a little of Tori to Kumo To Ao / 鳥と雲と青. They’re both indies-era songs, and although Tori to Kumo to Ao was on vol.1 and Tsutaetai Kotoba was on vol.3, the arranged version of Tori to Kumo to Ao was released on the next album (Yasashii Hana no Saku Basho / やさしい花の咲く場所). Come to think of it, there may not be any connection besides being from the same era.

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Wasurerareta Kinenbi / 忘れられた記念日

Wasurerareta Kinenbi / 忘れられた記念日: “forgotten anniversary”

wasurerareta / 忘れられた
“forgotten”. Passive form of the verb wasureru / 忘れる (“forget”).
kinenbi / 記念日

Whew, wasurerareta / 忘れられた is a mouthful! Just say it syllable by syllable: wa / わ, su / す, re / れ, ra / ら, re / れ, ta / た. Good!

“Wasurerareta Kinenbi” is one of Oku Hanako’s indies songs that didn’t make it to vol.best (which I find to be illogical because I consider it to be better than some of the songs on there). It appeared as the third track on vol.3, released in December 2004.

I’m not sure how the “forgotten” part of the title fits in with the song because the lyrics is about a couple’s second anniversary together.

Anyway, you’re in for a treat today!

奥華子全曲集 インディーズvol.1~4 by ichi [Nico Nico Douga]

If the beginning sounds familiar, you’re probably thinking of Sonna Fuu ni Shika Ienai Kedo / そんな風にしか言えないけど, even if it is just the first note.

I can’t get over how cute this song is! I’ll even say that it pales TAKOYAKI in that respect. It’s not only the song, but the lyrics as well.

Excuse me while I go hit “Play” again…

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