Sora ni Hikaru Clover / 空に光るクローバー

Sora ni Hikaru Clover / 空に光るクローバー: “The Clover that Glistens in the Sky”

sora / (そら)
ni / に
A particle indicating location, or a particle indicating the passive agent
hikaru / (ひか)
clover / KURŌBĀ / クローバー
Transliteration of “clover”

Happy birthday, Oku Hanako! Time sure flies. She turns 40 today, if you can believe it.

“Sora ni Hikaru Clover” first appeared as track 2 of her 2008 single, Tegami / 手紙, then later reappeared as track 4 on her album, Koi Tegami / 恋手紙, released a couple of months later. It is the theme song for the 2008 movie Chii-chan wa Yuukyuu no Mukou / ちーちゃんは悠久の向こう (“Chii-chan is on the Other Side of Eternity”(?); Wikipedia[jp]). I’ve included a video of the promo for the DVD.

I chose this song mostly because it was released 10 years ago, but as I was translating the song, I realized the lyrics would be a perfect message to send for her birthday: although most of us can’t practically meet her, we’d still like to thank her for the musical gifts she’s brought to us.

On that note, I made a rough translation in about 30 minutes. It should be polished enough to be readable, and thankfully this was an easy song to do, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are any errors. As usual, my translation notes are included.

空に光るクローバー (Sora ni Hikaru Clover) [Zing]

Musically, this song is lightly arranged and fits well with the style of the rest of the album. She does try to hit some higher notes in this song; you can tell she’s gotten better since her indies days, but she has some room to improve, as shown in her later albums. There’s nothing really that stands out about this song, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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Shiroi Heart / 白いハート

Shiroi Heart / Shiroi HAATO / 白いハート: “White Heart”

shiroi / 白い
HAATO / ハート
transliteration of “heart”

Yesterday, March 14, was White Day! On Valentine’s Day in Japan, it is customary for girls to present chocolate gifts to boys. On White Day, those boys who received such gifts return the favour by giving gifts to those who gave.

Obviously, I chose this song superficially once again, especially since I have no translation, but this song will appear on the DVD that will be released tomorrow, so not all relevancy is lost.

Shiroi Heart is the B-side hikigatari song of Oku Hanako’s 2008 single, Tegami / 手紙.

奥華子_白いハート by [Nico Nico Douga]

I don’t really have much to say about it. It’s pleasant to listen to and it’s a pretty standard hikigatari song for the time. It would fit in well with the songs on Koi Tegami / 恋手紙, the album released two months later. Compare to Saishuu Densha / 最終電車.

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Tegami / 手紙

Tegami / 手紙: “letter” (written note). Made of the kanji te / 手 (“hand”) and kami / 紙 (“paper”; pronounced “gami” / がみ due to rendaku)

“Tegami” is Oku Hanako’s single from 2008. For once, I don’t have anything to say; the song is… just there.

I’ll leave the floor open to all of you to voice your opinions and fill in the gap.

Hanako Oku – Tegami [JPopsuki]

To be honest, it’s a good song, but I don’t find it to be anything too special. Perhaps I’ll appreciate it more once I read a proper translation. Denny Sinnoh has just brought one to my attention, and it seems that it has only marginally increased my appreciation for the song. I still think it’s a good song, though.

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