Ai to Iu Takaramono / 愛という宝物

Ai to Iu Takaramono / 愛という宝物: “A Treasure Called Love”

ai / 愛
to / と
A particle used as a quotation
iu / いう
“to call” (a name), “to say”. Also written as 言う.
takaramono / 宝物

Oku Hanako’s new double A-side single, Omoide ni Nare/Ai to Iu Takaramono / 思い出になれ/愛という宝物 has been released!

Today, I have for you the only song that I could find out of the three songs on the single: the second of the two A-sides, Ai to Iu Takaramono / 愛という宝物. It’s the CM song for the “2016 cross fm official GREEN campaign”.

愛という宝物 by yasutaka [Nico Nico Douga]

At first when I found a video for the song, I thought it was going to be one of those useless fan announcement videos (if you’re going to announce something by a music artist, at least use her music!); I was about to skip it when I heard her voice come in.

This song has a style that I’ve never heard before in any of her other songs, and yet I think it’s still distinctly hers. One of the things I notice about this song is all the voice layering: it’s not a new technique for her, but it seems to be done a lot more in this song; usually it’s restricted to just a certain section like the bridge or interlude. Sure I miss her old style, but I’m not complaining about this one. Overall, I think the style sounds very refined.

I can’t wait to hear the rest of the single!

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