Translation for Fuyu Hanabi / 冬花火

Fuyu Hanabi / 冬花火 : “winter fireworks”

fuyu / 冬
hanabi / 花火
“fireworks” (lit. flower-like fire)

hana / 花
hi / 火
“fire”. Pronounced bi / び because of rendaku.

Edward recently posted his translation of Fuyu Hanabi. While a good one, he did also link to one by Misa-chan. I’ve decided to give priority to translations from the original Japanese and that’s what I updated the post with, but they’re both worth a read.

To comment on the lyrics, they are indeed about a girl and her unrequited love being likened to winter fireworks, as I posted way back when we were still waiting for the single to be released. She likes a guy who likes another girl, one of her friends. The singer and the guy are presumably close friends because he confides in her about his feelings for her friend. I feel for her, and Oku Hanako does a great job at expressing those feelings in the song.

Unrequited love isn’t a new theme that’s explored in Oku Hanako’s songs. One that immediately comes to mind is Kataomoi / 片思い (“unrequited love”), one of her indies songs. However, Kataomoi takes a different attitude towards it because, as much as she wants to be together with the one she likes, the singer is more okay with being just friends.

Thanks again to Edward and Misa-chan for doing these translations!



I smiled again with you today, that alone makes my heart race
Before I knew it, feelings of “love” had grown deep in my heart

On that winter day when the wind had turned cold
You were so shy as you told me
That you had feelings for my friend

Wanting to cry, but unable to cry, my one-sided love
I should have known, but
Sorrow, love, will they all disappear?
You are my winter fireworks

These feelings of love for you has grown so deep, but
Every time you spoke of her, I desperately blocked out the ears of my heart

On the park bench where the snow had melted
“Won’t someone help me?” You asked
Why? Please don’t ask that of me

I love you, actually, I wanted to tell you
I can’t just stay as friends
Please notice my lying one-sided love
Invisible to everyone, winter fireworks

To be able to make you so troubled
I really envy that girl
When winter ends, will I be able to smile for the two of you?

Wanting to cry, but unable to cry, my one-sided love
Even if it’s an unattainable love
Sorrow, love, will they all disappear?
Our winter fireworks

Translation by Misa-chan


What are your thoughts on Oku Hanako?

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