Ai no Shizuku / 愛のしずく

Ai no Shizuku / 愛のしずく: “Drops of Love”

ai / 愛
no / の
A particle that acts as a modifier. Roughly equivalent to “of”
shizuku / しずく

In recognition of the upcoming All Songs Live! Blu-ray BOX, today’s song will be the titular song of Oku Hanako’s first indies release, the mini-album from 2000, Ai no Shizuku / 愛のしずく.

According to Generasia, the mini album was limited to only 1000 copies and was only sold at live events. As I had pointed out in a previous post, this release has been auctioned for even more than the Blu-ray BOX.

This song appeared as the opening track of the mini album. Outside of the mini album, the only other time this song has appeared in her releases was in her 2010 Christmas concert DVD released in 2011. It will appear again in the All Songs Live! Blu-ray BOX.

The old name for this song is “Good Night” and was listed so for the LAPIN ET HALOT performance on June 25, 1996.

奥華子 レア曲 by 爆走チャーリー [Nico Nico Douga]

Compared to the rest of the songs on the mini album, this is the one that sounds the most typical, even if Sonna Kigashita / そんな気がした ended up on and not this song.



Anata ga suki ima demo suki kokoro ubawareteru
I want your love
I want your heart
I am always thinking of you

aoku sunda sora ni ookina shiroi kumo hirogaru
hoka ni nani mo iranai sonna kaze ga fuiteru

hitori michi wo aruite mo
sokora juu anata to no omoide bakari de

Good night… doko ka de
Good night… aisuru anata ni
donna kodoku mo norikoeru yo
anata de nakucha naze ka dame na no

tooku kasunde mieru anata no yasashii ano egao
nidoto moto ni wa modorenai ano koro no futari ni wa

zutto soba ni itakatta
mechakucha ni kizutsukeatteru futari demo ii kara

Good night… furueteru
konna watashi wa chippoke na hito desu ka?
naite naite nakitsukarete mo
yume no naka de matanaiteiru

tatta hitotsu no hontou no koto kawariyuku toki no nagare no naka
koko ni aru ai no shizuku hitori no yoru dakishimete

Transliterated using the J-talk Kanji Converter


あなたが好き 今でも好き 心奪われてる
I want your love
I want your heart
I am always thinking of you

青く澄んだ空に 大きな白い雲広がる
ほかに何もいらない そんな風が吹いてる

そこらじゅう あなたとの思い出ばかりで

Good night・・・ どこかで
Good night・・・ 愛するあなたに
あなたでなくちゃ なぜかダメなの

遠く霞んで見える あなたの優しいあの笑顔
二度と元には戻れない あの頃の二人には


Good night・・・ 震えてる
こんな私は ちっぽけな人ですか?
泣いて 泣いて 泣き疲れても
夢の中で また泣いている

たった一つの 本当の事 変わりゆく時の流れの中
ここにある 愛のしずく 一人の夜抱きしめて


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9 thoughts on “Ai no Shizuku / 愛のしずく

  1. Before today I had only listened to 2010 live version of this song and the original version really really surprised me.
    Her voice and especially her english pronunciation back then are so different, and, well, adorable.

    • Oh hey, it’s Koenigssee! Thanks for uploading all those videos, but be careful because videos like those have a tendency to be taken down.

      It is indeed interesting to hear the differences between the two versions. Perhaps it’s first-heard bias, but I like the original better, perhaps also because, as you say, it’s “adorable” and more suitable for a lullaby. In contrast, Gekkou / 月光 was sung a lot more like the 2010 live version in the original and with her “cutesy” voice in the 2012 release; I like the original better.

      • Likewise, I really appreciate your blog as there’s a lack of information about her, apart from her page or various articles and interviews written in Japanese from Natalie and such, which I have a hard time to read, and wiki entry is lackluster.
        She and her music are truly unique, there’s a magical consistency of greatness that’s hard to describe in every song of her, only to make it weirder for me to find out she only has domestic fame.
        I’m at the mercy of Ponycanyon, and if need be I can just press upload again, no sweat. But I believe it’s alright as a lot of old contents, seperate songs from concerts, or even music videos uploaded from 2009/2010 are still there, alive and well on YouTube.

  2. A really beautiful song! Thank you very much for digging out all this music and data 🙂

  3. Pingback: All Songs Live! Blu-ray BOX track list announced! | Thoughts on Oku Hanako
  4. Sure am glad the clips on YT have survived as long as they have. I often have a Koenigsee in the morning with my cell, headphones and a big cup of coffee.
    Whenever I see any of the Christmas concert I feel honored that Ms. Oku wears the letter I earned in high school.

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