PIECE OF MY WISH [Kame Kame House / カメカメハウス 2005-10-23]

PIECE OF MY WISH, original by Imai Miki / 今井美樹 (1991)

Oku Hanako doesn’t release covers of other artists’ songs (assuming you consider the ones she wrote for other artists as an “author’s version” and not covers), but she sometimes performed covers of songs on her former radio show, Kame Kame House / カメカメハウス[jp].

It’s just her and her Kawai Spectra keyboard. It’s short and sweet, and I might even consider it her most beautifully-sung work. It may be a cover, but it still has that ineffable Oku Hanako touch.

From 奥華子カバー前半.wmv by 爆走チャーリー [Nico Nico Douga]

So… beautiful…
I wish she had done the whole song.

I hope you didn’t feel cheated this week. I made you wait for a song so short.

Here’s the equally-beautiful original song by Imai Miki:

piece of My Wish by Ladapa Intharamaha [YouTube]



asa ga kuru made naki tsuzuketa yoru mo
arukidaseru chikara ni kitto dekiru

taiyou wa nobori kokoro o tsutsumu deshou
yagate yami wa kanarazu akete yuku kara

doushite motto jibun ni sunao ni ikirenai no
sonna omoi toikake nagara
akiramenai de subete ga kuzure sou ni natte mo
shinjiteite anata no koto o

hontou wa dare mo ga negai o kanaetai no
dakedo umaku yukanai toki mo aru wa

kibou no kakera o te no hira ni atsumete
ooki na yorokobi e to kaete yukou

ai suru hito ya tomodachi ga yuuki zukete kureru yo
sonna kotoba dakishime nagara
dakedo saigo no kotae wa hitori de mitsukeru no ne
meguri tsuzuku ashita no tame ni

ame ni makenai kimochi o honoo mo kuguri nukeru
sonna tsuyosa mochi tsuzuketai
sore de mo itsuka subete ga kuzure sou ni natte mo
shinjiteite anata no koto o
shinjiteite hoshii anata no koto o

From JpopAsia


朝が来るまで 泣き続けた夜も
歩きだせる力に きっと出来る

太陽は昇り 心をつつむでしょう
やがて闇はかならず 明けてゆくから

どうしてもっと自分に 素直に生きれないの
そんな思い 問いかけながら
あきらめないですべてが 崩れそうになっても
信じていて あなたのことを

本当は誰もが 願いを叶えたいの
だけどうまくゆかない 時もあるわ

希望のかけらを 手のひらにあつめて
大きな喜びへと 変えてゆこう

愛する人や友達が 勇気づけてくれるよ
そんな言葉 抱きしめながら
だけど最後の答えは 一人で見つけるのね
めぐり続く 明日のために

雨に負けない気持ちを 炎もくぐりぬける
そんな強さ 持ち続けたい
それでもいつかすべてが 崩れそうになっても
信じていて あなたのことを
信じていて欲しい あなたのことを

From JpopAsia


Even though there were nights when I cried until the sun rose, I will have the power to stand up.

the sun will rise and surround my heart

the fog will surely disappear

why can’t I live my life being honest to my feelings?

that thought lingers in the back of my mind.

please don’t give up even though everything seems to be falling apart.

please let me believe in you.

everyone just wants to fulfill their dreams,

but sometimes it just doesn’t work out

take these fragments of dreams and put them in the palm of your hand

and turn them into fond memories

loved ones and friends will always there for us hold onto those words dearly

but we must find the real answer on our own.

for each tomorrow that we are about to meet.

my feelings can not be beaten down by the rain I can overcome anything.

I always want to have that conviction to believe in.

even though there are times when everything seems to be falling apart.

please let me believe in you

I just want to believe in you

From JpopAsia


4 thoughts on “PIECE OF MY WISH [Kame Kame House / カメカメハウス 2005-10-23]

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  3. Cover songs might be fun at the live concerts. I know that Hanako Oku sang “Silent Night” in English on her Christmas DVD, but I wonder if there is an English song she would be willing to sing. What English language song would you like to hear her cover ? … or what might be reasonable, given her influences?

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