Karaoke Battles Special 2014

Oku Hanako recently posted about a karaoke battle that she took part in. I was a little surprised, because I hadn’t read that she would take part in such a competition.

Anyway, I’m subscribed to the Oku Hanako YouTube search results RSS feed, and I noticed a video with “PIECE OF MY WISH” in the title. I really liked her rendition from her radio show, so I went to take a look, hoping that she sang the whole song.

【カラオケバトル6/4】⑬ PIECE OF MY WISH(今井美樹)/奥華子(CMソング)【92.650点】 by mitukunsp05

Augh! Yet again, she didn’t sing the whole song. In fact, she sang about as much as the radio version, except that the radio version repeated the last line.

Her 92.650 wasn’t enough to make it into the standings, and I knew it as soon as I saw the scores for the other contestants (the 92 was posted on her blog post). Oh well, I kept rooting for her, anyway.

Comparing the two renditions, her singing technique has definitely improved. She falls flat in a few places, but it doesn’t detract too much from the song. Funny, though, I don’t hear her being flat in the radio version, but then again, I don’t quite have perfect pitch. Quite noticeably, she’s got the hang of vibrato, something I’ve noticed in her latest album. My opinion is split on her use of vibrato: it shows that she’s improved her singing technique, but she loses that child-like sound that we all love.

Sigh… It’s good, but not in the same way as the radio version. When I get around to posting my “theory of threes”, things will piece together.

Oh, and don’t worry, I’ll still be posting a song later. This video was just posted today on YouTube and I wanted to share it. Don’t expect it to be up for very long.


3 thoughts on “Karaoke Battles Special 2014

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  2. One non-Oku comment: I liked seeing Jon Stewart hosting this program! I think that the is much better here at emceeing a karaoke contest, than that fake political show he does where he clearly does not understand the issues.

  3. I think she sang it sweetly. Very nice. I just wish I could understand what was being said.
    It also seems like that on these TV shows they always want her to sing some of her commercial jingles.

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