HIKARI: romanization of 光, meaning “light”

“HIKARI” is my favourite song from Kimi to Boku no Michi / 君と僕の道. Oku Hanako wrote and composed HIKARI for Taketatsu Ayana /竹達 彩奈 for her 2013 album “Apple Symphony”.

This song is very pretty—tear-jerking, even. It’s up there with songs like Shiawase no Kagami / しあわせの鏡, Bokutachi ni Dekiru Koto / 僕たちにできること and Kimi no Egao / 君の笑顔. The arrangement doesn’t go overboard and it really helps with the song’s emotional build-up. As always, her singing is expressive and suitably very pretty.

I wish I could really understand the lyrics, but from what I gather from a machine translation, these are beautiful lyrics for a beautifully arranged song.

Did I mention that it’s beautiful?

HIKARI [music.163.com]

I once said that her cover of Piece of My Wish was her most beautiful song. I think this beats that.

Here’s the original recording by Taketatsu Ayana:

HIKARI/竹達彩奈 by nagamoriharuka [YouTube]

I think I might be able to appreciate this better if it were in the context of some anime, but it’s not. I think Oku Hanako’s version is by far the better version.



Kokoro no naka ni aru mono tsutaeraretara
Arigatou yori mo tsuyoku motto zutto anata ni

Kujikesou na hi mo makesou na toki mo
Daijoubu to shinjite kureta ne
Mada ganbareru yo hagemashite kureta no wa
Itsumo anata deshita

Arigatou anata ga iru kara
Watashi rashiku aruite ikeru
Itsumo kawaranai sono egao ni
Nando tasukerarete kita darou
Kazoekirenai hodo arigatou

Hajimete egaita yume wo katariatta ne
Kakegae no nai tomodachi motto zutto chikaku ni

Issho ni waratte issho ni naita ne
Soredake de kotoba wa iranakute
Tooku hanarete mo kono koe ga todoku you ni
Itsumo omotteru yo

Arigatou anata no hikari ga
Itsumo terashite kureteta kara
Donna toki mo tsuyoku nareta to
Atataka na hikari wo arigatou

Meguru kisetsu no naka de namida mo egao ni kaete
Watashi mo dareka no hikari ni naremasu you ni

Arigatou anata ni deaete
Ima ga hontou ni ureshii kara
Itsumo kawaranai sono egao ni
Kazoekirenai hodo arigatou

Kokoro kara anata ni arigatou

From Beautiful Song Lyrics


心の中にあるもの 伝えられたら
ありがとうよりも強く もっとずっと あなたに

挫けそうな日も 負けそうな時も
大丈夫と 信じてくれたね
まだ頑張れるよ 励ましてくれたのは
いつも あなたでした

ありがとう あなたがいるから
いつも変わらない その笑顔に
何度 助けられて来ただろう
数え切れない程 ありがとう

初めて描いた夢を 語り合ったね
かけがえのない友達 もっとずっと近くに

一緒に笑って 一緒に泣いたね
それだけで 言葉はいらなくて
遠く離れても この声が届くように

ありがとう あなたの光が
温かな光を ありがとう

廻る季節の中で 涙も笑顔に変えて
私も誰かの 光になれますように

ありがとう あなたに出会えて
今が本当に 嬉しいから
いつも変わらない その笑顔に
数え切れない程 ありがとう

心から あなたにありがとう

From okuhanako.net


If I could convey my innermost thoughts to you
I would want to convey them much, much more expressively than saying thank you

In days that frustrate me, in days that I want to give up
You always believe I am fine
And that I can work harder. Encouraging me in this way
It is always you

Thank you, it is only because of you that I am able to continue on the path I chose
That always unchanging smile has helped me through hardship several times
I have many thanks for it

The first dream I imagined is being shared between us
My irreplaceable friend is closer to me

Laughing together and having cried together
Being like this does not need talking
Even if far apart I still hope these voices can reach each other. This is what I always think

Thank you for your light that always shines on me
I can be stronger at any time. Thank you for your warm light

Tears turn to smiles in the changing seasons
I hope I can also be a light for someone

I am thankful that our paths crossed. Now I really am happy
I have many thanks for that always unchanging smile

Thank you with all my heart

Translation by Edward


13 thoughts on “HIKARI

  1. Pingback: Translation for HIKARI | Thoughts on Oku Hanako
  2. Re: Plagiarized Elton John’s “Someone saved my life tonight” intro
    It had been 30 years since I heard this, but when I heard the Oku song, it instantly reminded me of it. The opening only.

  3. RE: “I think I might be able to appreciate this better if it were in the context of some anime,”
    Yes, this is a great song. It would be great to use in my idea for an anime. Here is my idea: The series could be about these people who are playing an online sword fighting game with these advanced virtual reality headsets, and end up getting trapped in the video game for real … and … and … Oh, … right.

  4. Hi,

    I fully agree that this is one of the best songs on this album (besides 曖昧な唇 and Winter fireworks (冬花火)). Then there are three more still quite good songs. Unfortunately the rest of the album is mediocre at best. So for me this album was at least partially a disappointment and I hope that the new single (which sounded very promising) will give us new exciting songs!


    • I like the album much more it seems. Like you, I also love “Anata to Denwa”

      By “partial disappointment” are you referring to tracks 5 and 6? “Maboroshi no Hibi” and “Aimai na Kuchibiru”? I almost always skip those.
      Her voice BREAKS on track 5, and it is hard to deal with. I do not understand the context/words so I do not know how much of that is intentional — or just bad singing. If she was doing Dylan, OK, then I could understand.

      Think of Elvis Costello whose voice always used to break at just the right moment, whereas now, it is always broke, and it really stinks how bad his records are now … but I digress … The singing on Maboroshi no Hibi is pretty bad, so I wonder if the studio just mislabeled her tapes and ended up with the wrong version of the song on the album?

      On my commute I like to play play tracks 1,3,4, 7,8,9,10,11 by the time I park, unless I catch a train.

      • At first I felt that Maboroshi no Hibi was a bit hard to swallow, but I came to appreciate it fairly quickly. So much so that I can’t hear where her voice breaks anymore; I just get lost in it. However, given that Maboroshi no Hibi was one of her indies, I would love to hear one of the earlier recordings, if there are any, because I have a feeling that the earlier performances are actually better.
        For the record, Andreas listed Aimai na Kuchibiru / 曖昧な唇 as one of the best songs on the album.

        What? You don’t like Period / ピリオド (track 2)? That was the first new song I heard on the album and I instantly loved it (I had to throw myself onto my bed so I wouldn’t hurt myself). Sure, she may struggle a little bit not to sound whiny, especially live, but it’s a difficult song and I think she was able to pull it off in the studio recording (that one live performance, though, was definitely not one of her best).

    • I hope her albums being “mediocre” won’t become a trend. Solarblade started having that opinion since Utakata, and I can see where he gets that from. Kimi to Boku no Michi is the album right after good-bye, though (and we all know how disappointing that was), so I think she’ll be able to recover well in the next album.

What are your thoughts on Oku Hanako?

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