r/okuhanako Now Up on Reddit!

There’s a new place to get your Oku Hanako news and content! Here’s to announce the r/okuhanako subreddit, a community on Reddit where you can discuss and share any and all things Oku Hanako.

Don’t worry, though, this blog isn’t going anywhere.

Special thanks go to Edward, Daniel and Denny for helping me get this project started!

A screenshot of r/okuhanako on 2019-02-03 ~04:00 UTC

r/okuhanako as of 2019-02-03 ~04:00 UTC


Why did I decide to create a subreddit when I already have this blog? Judging by my posting frequency here and especially on my other blogs, I don’t really have the time to properly maintain this blog like I used to.

In addition to posting songs, I also post news items like upcoming albums (and I’m clearly behind because I haven’t posted about her upcoming March 20 album, KASUMISOU). So, to help lighten the load, I decided to help enable all of you, the fans, to share news and new and rare finds. What better way to do that than to make a subreddit? You have always had the power to start your own blog and post things there, but this should make it a lot easier.

I had considered making an Oku Hanako discussion forum for years now, and the Discussion page was such an attempt. It was nice because it kept everyone on a platform they were familiar with and it allowed anyone to contribute with just a name and an email address. It also supported threaded comments up to a certain level. However, using it was a bit awkward and it was hidden away in this corner of the Web, so it didn’t get used very much.

Reddit, on the other hand, is perfect for this kind of thing because that’s what it was made for. You can post links, upload images and videos, and even write short posts. Most importantly, you can comment on these posts, and these comments are threaded and can be deeply nested. It encourages proper multi-way discussion. Plus, we have the larger Reddit community that we can tap into, so perhaps we’ll find other fans who don’t frequent blogs. The only downside I see is that you need an account to post and comment, but it doesn’t require more than a name and an email address, which is no different from what WordPress required. And just like WordPress, you don’t need an account just to view posts.

Snoo wearing Oku Hanako's red glasses

The logo for r/okuhanako on Old Reddit

And so, in the last couple of months, we’ve been setting up the r/okuhanako subreddit. Edward and Daniel agreed to help me populate the sub and serve as our first moderators. (I asked Denny to help, too, but I think he’s still trying to figure out how Reddit works. Oh well, I’m sure he’ll do great in spreading the word.) We would love it if you would all participate as well and make the sub thrive; as they say: “the more, the merrier”. You can post songs, thoughts, covers (as in other people singing her songs, but album covers are okay, too), translations——almost anything is allowed as long as it relates to Oku Hanako in some way.

I want to assure you, though, that this blog is not going anywhere. I still want to continue to publish posts here and give my thoughts on Oku Hanako’s songs. My hope is that with the subreddit, you, the fans, can get more involved so we can all get content more often and sooner than if you were just relying on me, and do so more easily than learning Japanese.

So what are you waiting for? Go make an account, head on over to r/okuhanako, and start discussing! If you’d like, let us know who you are on Reddit in the comments below.

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