“Oku Hanako no Hikigatari Dark Night☆” released!

Oku Hanako’s newest video release, “Oku Hanako no Hikigatari Dark Night ☆” / 奥華子の弾き語りダークナイト☆, came out a few days ago on June 20! I don’t have much to add to the previous announcement post, other than the cover art:

Oku Hanako no Hikigatari Dark Night ☆ cover

I’m somewhat surprised they spelled “hikigatari” wrong. Sure, 語り is katari / かたり on its own, but when put after hiki / 弾き, rendaku applies, turning the ka / か into a ga / が.


5 thoughts on ““Oku Hanako no Hikigatari Dark Night☆” released!

  1. This BluRay is SO great.

    The video really changed my mind about some of her songs. Many of these songs are dark and dreary tracks from her previous albums. I used to skip over some of them, I am sorry to say.

    The performance is so good, I had to re-think them.

    I really should post something, but if you and Edward are gone, who would want to know?

    • Don’t worry, we’re still around! We’re collaborating on a project, actually. I’ll let you in on it soon, because I think you’ll be able to help us out.

  2. I hope you are still a fan these days : )

    Just ordered the Blu-Ray today! I had 11 dollars CD Japan credit. So I SAVED money by SPENDING money.
    It cost 42 American smackers and change, included shipping.

    … but I SAVED money, don’t you see …

    • I still am! It’s just really hard to find the time these days to do anything. I’m thinking of starting a subreddit, but I’ll make a full post about that later.

      Enjoy your Blu-ray! From the looks of it, it was a good concert.

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