Haruka Tooku ni Mieteita Kyou released!

Oku Hanako’s ninth album, titled Haruka Tooku ni Mieteita Kyou / 遥か遠くに見えていた今日 (“Today When I Could See Far in the Distance”), has been released! I missed posting all the status updates in the past month, so I’ll cover everything here.

The album comes in two editions: the regular edition and the limited edition. The limited edition comes with a DVD.

Here are the album covers:

Album art for "Haruka Tooku ni Mieteita Kyou (CD+DVD)

Album art (CD+DVD)

Album art for "Haruka Tooku ni Mieteita Kyou (CD only)

Album art (CD only)

The final track list:

  1. Rainy day
  2. Koi no Hajimari / 恋のはじまり (“Beginning of Love”)
  3. Ai to Iu Takaramono / 愛という宝物 (“A Treasure Called Love”)
  4. Propose / PUROPŌZU / プロポーズ
  5. Kanojo / 彼女 (“Her”)
  6. 365 Nichi no Hanataba / 365日の花束 (“365-Day Bouquet”)
  7. Kimi no Hana / キミの花 (“Your Flower”)
  8. Honobono Ikou / ほのぼの行こう (“Let’s Go Warm the Heart”)
  9. Omoide ni Nare / 思い出になれ (“Become a Memory”)
  10. Saigo no Kiss / 最後のキス (“Last Kiss”)
  11. Mail
  12. Ice Cream / AISU KURĪMU / アイスクリーム
  13. Stamp Rally / SUTANPU RARĪ / スタンプラリー
  14. Haruka Tooki ni / 遥か遠くに (“Towards the Distance”)

Already released in previous singles were “Ai to Iu Takaramono“, “Kimi no Hana“, “Omoide ni Nare”, and “Saigo no Kiss”. “Honobono Ikou” were previously released online. “Rainy Day” is a re-arrangement of her 2003 indies song. “Propose” is the CM song for a December 2016 MAST commercial.

The DVD in the special limited edition comes with:

  • “Kimi no Hana” Music Clip
  • “Saigo no Kiss” Music Clip
  • Making of “Haruka Tooku ni Mieteita Kyou”
  • “Omoide ni Nare” Image Clip

In addition, the first buyers received a poster. Five different versions were available, and which one you got depended on where you made your purchase.

I don’t have a song for today, but I do have a digest (“cross-fade”) video:

奥華子New Album『遥か遠くに見えていた今日』全曲視聴クロスフェード動画 by ponycanyon [YouTube]

This is very exciting! I like the direction of this album; the style seems to be more polished, more complete, more solid than the previous two albums. It sounds like most of these are moderately arranged on average, though it sounds like “Haruka Tooku ni” might actually be hikigatari piano. In contrast, “Kanojo” sounds like there might not be any piano. Regardless, I think I’m going to really like this album.

What about you? What are your initial thoughts?


17 thoughts on “Haruka Tooku ni Mieteita Kyou released!

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  2. Nice photo collection.
    Maybe I can make my own poster, since I will not get one.
    Maybe it is time for Hanako Oku to have her own “photo book” the way so many Japanese singers have.
    A combo cookbook/photo book maybe?

  3. I pre-ordered the CD album on CD Japan, so I’m watching the skies.
    I also pre-ordered Iwasa Misaki’s new concert Blu-ray, which was released on the same day.
    Snivy and I have a bet, as to which one will arrive first.

  4. I think I’ll like every song in this album, and my likely top favourites are Koi no Hajimari and Propose. From what I can make out for 365 Nichi no Hanabata, I think a more suitable title is “365 Days of Bouquets” because it sounds like the singer is giving a bouquet every day, though whether the Japanese title can actually mean that is a separate matter. I am most curious about the lyrics for Ice Cream because I want to know what Oku Hanako decided to associate with that food. At the moment, it seems like it is unrequited love (that suspect again). Stamp Rally reminds me of Happy Days.

    • RE: “lyrics for Ice Cream because I want to know what Oku Hanako decided to associate with that food”
      If the flavor of the ice cream is “French Vanilla ” then I already know what is being associated.

      • No No No … Ahem … I meant a KISS. A kiss from someone you love is sweeter than ice cream.
        Oh, I have to put up with WP people and their dirty minds.

      • Associating ice cream with a kiss? That’s a sweet thought. Now I really want to see if the lyrics say something like the singer thinking about her lover while eating an ice cream.

    • If you’re okay with reading the lyrics before hearing the song, UtaTen has them, but I’d prefer to wait. We can look at the part of 365 Nichi no Hanabata that we can hear, though, and thankfully the lyrics were very simple. To give a rough translation:

      誕生日じゃなく 記念日でもなく 何でもない毎日に
      Tanjoubi ja naku kinenbi de mo naku nan de mo nai mainichi ni
      It’s not a birthday, nor an anniversary. Each day is nothing special.
      anata ga ite kureru tada sore dake de
      You are here for me, though that’s all
      hontou wa shiawase datta no ni
      But the truth is, I was happy

      As for Ice Cream, I cheated a little bit and looked up the lyrics. Here’s a rough translation:

      ずっと側にいてほしいよ もっとぶつかり合いたいよ
      Zutto soba ni ite hoshii yo motto butsukari aitai yo
      I want to always be by your side. I want to run into you more.
      くだらない事さえ あなたとなら 大切な思い出に変えてゆける
      Kudaranai koto sae anata to nara taisetsu na omoide ni kaete yukeru
      Even a trivial thing, if it’s with you, can turn into a precious memory.

      Certainly seems like unrequited love if you consider the second half of that first line. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be so quick to jump to such a conclusion.

      For Stamp Rally, I actually thought it sounds most like Birthday.

      • Will “Stamp Rally” be about the exciting world of stamp collecting?

        If you are on a first date with a nice lady, nothing impresses her more than letting out that you are very knowledgeable about stamps. If you start talking about your expertise in stamp collecting, pretty soon she is going to know what kind of ceiling tiles you have.

      • Actually, a stamp rally is a thing they do in Japan in which you get a card with blank spaces that tell you where you have to go to get that space stamped. The goal is to fill the card with all the stamps, and you can often collect something if you complete the stamp card.

      • I was referring to the lyrics for 365 Nichi no Hanabata. As the singer said that it’s neither a birthday nor an anniversary, it led me to imagine flowers being given every day.

        Seeing the lyrics for Ice Cream without the music does make it seem less likely to be about unrequited love. I was influenced by how the music sounded like it had a yearning to it. My impression could be wrong, though.

        You’re right, Stamp Rally does sound more like Birthday than Happy Days.

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