Translation for Anata to Denwa / あなたと電話

Anata to Denwa / あなたと電話: “On the phone with you”

anata / あなた
to / と
denwa / (でん)()

It’s about time I’ve posted another translation. You like listening to this song on your morning commute, so here’s Daniel’s translation of Anata to Denwa.

I think this is honestly one of the most adorable songs I’ve ever heard. I also think Oku Hanako’s voice is just perfect for this song. When I’m feeling down, this is a song I sometimes play to feel better (after a whole bunch of sad songs though, haha).

If you’re interested, Edward also has his own translation from the Chinese.



Soon it’ll be eleven at night, and I dive into my futon to talk
Being on the phone with you is my reward at the end of the day
We talk about the new kitten in the neighborhood, movies we want to see,
And the somewhat difficult things said on the morning news

Even though we call each other every day, we never run out of stories
After saying goodnight, we’d talk again about who hangs up first

I wish I could stay like this forever, laughing together
Just being able to hear your voice loosens my heart
After saying goodnight, you’re happy and tell me,
“The one who doesn’t hang up first is feeling more lonely, right?”

All the way until the time I’m supposed to meet you
I worry about all sorts of things, my clothes, my nails, my haircut
Then you, wearing a loose parka, choice denim
And earphones, came walking my way

“Where should we go?” you said while taking my hand
Whatever we talk about, I’m just happy walking with you

I wish I could stay like this forever, just being together
“Later” you say, seeing me off as I cross the ticket gate
Even as I look over my shoulder again, you’ll still be watching me
I receive nothing but kindness from you all the time

I wish I could stay like this forever, without changing a thing
I want to talk about us, there’s still much we don’t know about each other
After saying goodnight, it’s okay to hang up first
Because I’m not lonely with you so close to me

Translation by Daniel


One thought on “Translation for Anata to Denwa / あなたと電話

  1. A great song on a great album. I never skip that one on my commute.
    It is nice to know the story of the words to the song.

    I also went over to Tumblr and followed Daniel’s page. WP automatically posts to my Tumblr account, but I had not been on my Tumblr account for – like – forever. Not since I found out that people are posting all these dirty pictures on Tumblr. That’s not really true is it?

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