Genki de Ite ne / 元気でいてね

Genki de Ite ne / (げん)()でいてね: “Take Care”

genki / (げん)()
“healthy”, “energetic”, “good mood”
de / で
A particle marking indicating the means by which to do the action
ite / いて
te / て form of iru / いる (“to be” for animate beings). The te / て form makes this a request.
ne / ね
A particle that adds (light) emphasis.

The ne / ね is lost in translation, however, it need not be. You could translate the title as “Take Care, Okay?” to make the ne / ね explicit.

Today is Oku Hanako’s birthday! She turns 39 today. Because of time zones, the day is already mostly over for them in Japan.

The song I picked for today is a song of inspiration and perfectly says what I want to say to her this year: “Do your best, take a step forwards so you don’t regret doing nothing, and take care this year.” Genki de Ite ne was first released as the second-last track on Utakata / うたかた in 2010, and the seven years since then have been quite a journey for her. We have a translation of the lyrics from Edward today, and as always, make sure you read his translation notes.

This song has also been on a bit of a journey: at least two other notable versions of this song have appeared in her releases. The first is the 2012 acoustic version included as the second-last track on the Ai no Uta disc of her “Oku Hanako BEST -My Letters-” compilation. The second is an a cappella live version included with her “CONCERT TOUR ’12 Hikigatari ~5th Letter~” DVD release. These two versions are considerably more mellow than the original. The version I’m featuring today is the original upbeat pop-style version.

元気でいてね 奥華子  genkideitene okuhanako YouTube by 大畑浩士 [YouTube]

Happy Birthday, Oku Hanako! お誕生日おめでとうございます!



Kore wa machigai da! Nante dare ga iikireru no?
Marui mono mo kakudo kaetara shikaku ni mieru ka mo
Dare ka no ato wo tsuiteku no wa totemo kantan de
Jibun de eranda michi da kara mayou nda ne

Mou muri da yo tte nan do tsubuyaita darou
Ashita ga kuru koto ni obieta yoru mo naiteta hi mo aru kedo

Mata anata ni aeru you ni kitto aeru you ni
Yuugure no sakamichi wo nobotta keshiki wo mitai kara
Mune wo hatte jibun no koto suki da to ieru you ni
Itsuka mata aeru hi made ganbatte miru yo

Yogoreta renzu wo kirei ni migaite mitara
Kono sekai mo sukoshi wa akaruku mieru ka na

Ironna hito ga ironna koto wo iu kedo
Nani mo shinai mama de koukaisuru yori ippo fumidashitai kara

Mata anata ni aeru you ni kitto aeru you ni
Yozora saku hoshi-tachi wo kono me de chanto mitetai kara
Shiawase wo kokoro no naka itsumo ki tsukeru you ni
Donna hi mo dame na hi koso waratte miru yo

Mata egao de aeru you ni genki de ite ne
Subarashii jinsei wo kagiri aru hibi ni tsumekonde
Mata anata ni aeru you ni zutto utaeru you ni
Akiramenaide ganbatte miru yo mata aeru toki made genki de ite ne

Transliterated using the J-talk Kanji Converter


これは間違いだ!なんて 誰が言い切れるの?
丸い物も 角度変えたら 四角に見えるかも
誰かの後を着いてくのは とても簡単で
自分で選んだ道だから 迷うんだね

もう無理だよって 何度つぶやいただろう
明日が来る事に 怯えた夜も 泣いてた日もあるけど

またあなたに会えるように きっと会えるように
胸を張って自分の事 好きだと言えるように
いつかまた会える日まで 頑張ってみるよ


色んな人が 色んな事を言うけど
何もしないままで後悔するより 一歩踏み出したいから

またあなたに会えるように きっと会えるように
夜空咲く 星たちを この目でちゃんと見てたいから
幸せを心の中 いつも気付けるように
どんな日も ダメな日こそ 笑ってみるよ

また笑顔で会えるように 元気でいてね
素晴らしい人生を 限りある日々に詰め込んで
またあなたに会えるように ずっと歌えるように
諦めないで 頑張ってみるよ また会える時まで元気でいてね



This is wrong! Who decided this?
A round object might look rectangular from another point of view
It is very simple to follow someone else
Because I can lose my way on a path I choose for myself

How many times have I muttered that I can’t go on?
There were nights when the coming of the next day terrified me, and there were days when I cried

I hope I’ll see you again, we will surely meet again
I want to gaze at the landscape while climbing up a slope illuminated by the evening sun
I wish I can say that I like myself with my chest puffed out
I will try to do my best until we meet again

After polishing my dirty lenses
The world looks a little brighter

Many people have many things to say
Rather than regret doing nothing, I want to take a step forwards

I hope I’ll see you again, we will surely meet again
I want to take a good look at the stars spread across the night sky with my own eyes
I wish my heart will always be filled with happiness
Whatever the day may bring, the nastier it is, the harder I’ll try to smile

Stay well until the day we can meet again with smiles on our faces
I’ll squeeze a wonderful life into my limited days
I hope I’ll see you again, I wish I can sing forever
I won’t give up and I’ll try to do my best; stay well until we meet again

Translation by Edward from the Chinese translation


What are your thoughts on Oku Hanako?

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