Oku Hanako to perform OP for TV anime Seiren / セイレン

A PV has been released for the upcoming original TV anime Seiren, scheduled to start airing on January 6, featuring the opening sung by none other than Oku Hanako.

TVアニメ「セイレン」第一弾PV by TBS animation

A snippet of the opening comes in at around 0:55.

I was surprised when I saw the announcement; it came out of the blue. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw it was Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo / 時をかける少女, the anime movie that made her famous which featured Garnet / ガーネット as the theme song and Kawaranai Mono / 変わらないもの as the insert song.

From what I gather, Seiren (official site) will be a romance series. Reddit user Taiboss gives us a translation of the PV:

Lacking something you want to do.

Ikuo: “Is there nothing you wanna do?”

Shoichi: “Does nothing that I’d like to do come to my mind, huh? I’m worried about what I’ll do once I’m not a student anymore, I can’t even start imagining what it would be like…”


Girl whose’s name I don’t know: “Hmm, to be someone who makes others happy, I guess?”


Ikou: “Studying all alone in a hotel in the mountains for two weeks!”

Shouichi: “For two weeks?”

and now

Sister whose name I forgot: “Shou-chan, I’ve been thinking about how you’ve been getting more popular with the girls.”


Hikari: “I mean, when you’re in trouble…you’re cute!”


Hikari: “You were looking longingly at the desk where I was sat for such a long time. You felt the taste of immorality, didn’t you?”

There is so much to think about…

Shouichi: “If this continues, it’s no good.”

[Profile TLs can be found in the MAL/ANN PV articles or in the respective Character PV reddit posts.]

Falling in love with the you nobody knows, the love stories of the Seiren karen girls.

Hikari: “Seiren. Broadcast starts January 2017. And we’re gonna start with me. It’s a pleasure.”

The opening is called Kimi no Hana / キミの花 (“Your Flower”). The arrangement sounds very heavy for Oku-san, although songs like Rashinban / 羅針盤 from Prism / プリズム and songs from the good-bye album are similar.

The announcement says that Kimi no Hana be released as a single on February 22, 2017. The single will be released in two editions: a Seiren edition and a regular edition.


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