Aoi Usagi / 碧いうさぎ

Aoi Usagi / 碧いうさぎ: “Blue Rabbit”

aoi / 碧い
“blue”. According to a forum post, 碧 is somewhat greener and lighter. The common 青 is a more general blue.
usagi / うさぎ

Spring is here! Some of you may think of rabbits. Probably not sad, lonely rabbits, though, but that’s what we have this week.

Aoi Usagi is the theme song to the 1995 Japanese drama Hoshi no Kinka / 星の金貨 (official site[jp]), originally sung by Sakai Noriko / 酒井法子. Hoshi no Kinka is about a deaf and mute woman named Aya who falls in love with a doctor. They get engaged, but he later gets into an accident that results in amnesia.

I’m not sure when Oku Hanako made her hikigatari cover of this song since it doesn’t appear in her list of radio covers, but I’m guessing it was around 2007 or 2008.

奥華子カバー後半.wmv by 爆走チャーリー [Nico Nico Douga]

She skips the last two stanzas, but overall I think it captures the emotion of the song quite nicely. It’s unfortunate that we only have a radio-quality recording.

In addition to singing the original song, Sakai Noriko also starred as Kuramoto Aya, the main character in the series. Aya is deaf and mute, and in the music video for the original song, Sakai-san sings and signs the song.

Aoi Usagi by J1ice [YouTube]



Ato dore kurai setsunaku nareba
Anata no koe ga kikoeru kashira

Nanigenai kotoba wo hitomi awasete tada shizuka ni
Kawaseru dake de ii hoka ni wa nan ni mo iranai

Aoi usagi zutto matteru
Hitorikiri de furuenagara
Sabishii sugite shinde shimau wa
Hayaku atatamete hoshii

Ato dore kurai kizutuita nara
Anata ni tadoori tsukeru no kashira

Araitate no shatsu no nioi ni dakisukumeraretara
Itami mo kanashimi mo subete ga nagarete kieru wa

Aoi usagi naite iru no yo
Sou anata ni kikoeru you ni
Tatoe zutto todokanakutemo
Eien ni aishite iru wa

Aoi usagi sora wo kaketeku kokoro terasu hikari hanachi
Ai no hana ni yume wo furimaki ashita e to Ah…

Aoi usagi inori tsuzukeru dokoka ni iru anata no tame
Ima no futari sukueru mono wa kitto shinjitsu dake dakara
From LyricsMode


あとどれくらい 切なくなれば

なにげない言葉を瞳合わせて ただ静かに
交わせるだけでいい 他にはなんにもいらない

碧いうさぎ ずっと待ってる 独りきりで震えながら
淋しすぎて 死んでしまうわ 早く暖めて欲しい

あとどれくらい 傷ついたなら

痛みも悲しみも すべてが流れて消えるわ

碧いうさぎ 鳴いているのよ そう あなたに聴こえるように
たとえ ずっと届かなくても 永遠に愛しているわ

碧いうさぎ 宇宙を翔けてく 心照らす光放ち
愛の花に夢をふりまき 明日へと Ah…

碧いうさぎ 祈り続ける どこかに居るあなたのため
今の二人 救えるものは きっと真実だけだから

By Hanayuki


How much longer do I have to feel lonely
Before I can hear you

Just have a little talk, face to face, softly
That’s all I want, no need for anything else

I’m a blue rabbit, waiting alone trembling
Too lonely to live so I wish for your warmth

How much longer do I have to feel hurt
Before I can reach you

If you hold me tight with a scent of a freshly washed shirt
All of my pain and sorrow will be washed away

I’m a blue rabbit, crying so you can hear me
If you couldn’t forever, I’d love you forever

The blue rabbit travels in space, illuminating someone’s heart
And pouring illusion on the flowers of love, over to the next day

I’m a blue rabbit, praying for you wherever you are
Because nothing can save the two of us but the truth

Translation by kota


5 thoughts on “Aoi Usagi / 碧いうさぎ

  1. You once shared that Hanako Oku TV special where she visits Hokkaido. There was a cute moment where she feeds rabbits on a farm. A rabbit hugs her much to TLGO’s approval.


  2. Good work researching all this! If the rabbits are feeling blue it’s probably because of April showers keeping them in their burrows. By the way, you used 青 instead of 碧 in the title of the post.

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