Oku Hanako 10th Anniversary Special Concert 2015 DVD/BD released!

The “Oku Hanako 10th Anniversary Special Concert 2015” DVD/BD has been released! This marks the first release of this year and Oku Hanako’s first Blu-ray release.

Oku Hanako 10th Anniversary Special Concert 2015 Blu-ray cover

Blu-ray cover

If I’m not mistaken, the first people to get the DVD/BD will have access to an autograph session later in the future.

The digest video for the release was posted a few weeks ago and it sounds very promising:

Live DVD&Blu-ray『奥華子10th Anniversary Special Concert 2015』ダイジェスト by ponycanyon [YouTube]

I look forward to seeing airuland875 do an unboxing video of her copy if and when she gets it.


7 thoughts on “Oku Hanako 10th Anniversary Special Concert 2015 DVD/BD released!

  1. I just purchased the blu-ray version of the concert performance today, and should receive it by the end of the week. I’m going to surprise Snivy with it as his Easter present.

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      • I meant the YouTube change. .

        The regional coding is another issue.
        The region locking might make sense for Disney movies, where a movie might be out on DVD in one part of the world but still playing in the theaters in another region, so the greedy corporation suits understandably created region locking. I get that.

        For music videos, it does not make a lot of sense. I sometimes buy the CD + DVD package for an album. The DVD is region 2, but the CD plays in a North American CD player.

        I sometimes buy a “region free” DVD of an AKB48 show on eBay, when I know darn well that the company does not manufacture them that way. (cough – Chinese Bootleg -cough) .
        Region blocking of music DVDs might make sense if someday the DVD would be released worldwide, but for music videos that never happens.

        I set the DVD player on one computer to Japan so that I could watch my Hanako Oku DVDs.

        I’m ready to give up being a fan.

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