Sandome no Fuyu / 三度目の冬

Sandome no Fuyu / 三度目の冬 : “third winter”

sandome / 三度目

san / 三
dome / 度目
makes a number ordinal
no / の
A particle acting as a noun modifier.
fuyu / 冬

Believe it or not, this is Thoughts on Oku Hanako‘s third winter! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, my readers, for your support over the years and for contributing to meaningful discussion. I also hope you have enjoyed the content here and will continue to enjoy future content. The 2015 annual report is up if you’re interested in taking a look.

Too bad today’s song isn’t so joyous.

三度目の冬 奥華子 【ずっと味方でいるからね】 宇宙 by 宇宙

At least, I don’t think it is. It doesn’t sound very joyous, and a machine translation doesn’t really suggest it. The song has a very reflective feel to it, and for me it evokes the greyness of winter. I can’t make much sense out of the machine translation, but I get the impression that the singer was separated from a loved one. If you can come up with a better interpretation, let us know in the comments.

I’ll be honest, though: it may be Oku Hanako, but I think this may be her most boring plain song. There’s nothing about this song that really sticks out for me.

What do you think? Am I missing out on something that would make me appreciate it better? Let’s discuss it!


Yukigeshiki no karendaa ano hi mekutta mama
Shiroi yukigeshou no totemo shizukana michi

Omoi wo tokete yuku are ga wakarenara
Nani mo ai mo madamada kiezu ni

Doushitemo wasure rarenai hito ga irukara
Watashi wo ano basho e to tsuresatte subete wo modosetara

Kogoeta karada futatsu itsumo atatame atta
Kumoru mado garasu kokoro hari tsuita mama

Omoi karerunara nani mo osorezu ni
Ima wo shitsu kusu koto nado dekiru no

Mou nidoto furimukazu ni ikite yuketara
Watashi wa isshou kakete anata wo wasuremasu



雪景色のカレンダー あの日めくったまま
白い雪化粧の とても静かな道

思いを溶けてゆく あれが別れなら
何も 愛も まだまだ消えずに

私をあの場所へと連れ去って 全てを戻せたら

凍えた体二つ いつも温めあった
曇る窓ガラス 心貼りついたまま

思い枯れるなら 何も恐れずに

私は一生かけて あなたを忘れます



9 thoughts on “Sandome no Fuyu / 三度目の冬

  1. Relativity. I like it a lot more than you guys apparently.
    I made a mix CD of Hanako Oku songs with a YerTube to Mp3 converter, back when I was first learning about her. This was one of them. (Don’t worry I bought the legit copy later. I lost the temp copy.)

    I LOVED this one driving on an isolated highway in the early morning hours once. I remember it was a moment to live in.
    As are so many of The Little Great One’s songs.

    A beautiful moment to live in. No lights other than my headlights. No traffic, 75 mph. If only I had someone to share the moment with I thought. And like a lot of HO songs it warms my heart but makes me feel loneliness at the same time.

    I think the song went along with the stillness of night, even at a high rate of speed.
    Relativity again.

    I continue to love the beautiful Hanako Oku.
    I hate PonyCanyon and the rest of the record industry.

  2. Congratulations on keeping the blog going for a third winter. I think I get what you mean when you describe the song as boring, though I would describe it as plain instead.

    • Thanks! Yes, “plain” is a better way to describe it. There’s been the odd time when I have a craving for the song, so it must be interesting in one way or another.

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