Oshibana / 押し花

Oshibana / 押し花: “Pressed flower

oshi / 押し
“(continually) pressed”. Continuative conjugation of osu / 押す, “to press”.
hana / 花
“flower”. Becomes “bana” because of rendaku.

“Oshibana” is yet another one of those songs that aren’t well-known. If you look in her discography, you’ll see that it appears in the third CD for her “Oku Hanako BEST -My Letters-” 2012 compilation album. This CD was part of a special limited edition of the album and contained previously unreleased songs. You’ll also find it in her 2009 DVD “Mochiron Hitori de Hikigatari!” / もちろん1人で弾き語り! According to a certain source, that DVD was the first recording of the song. However, the source also says that the first time it was performed was probably at the Kichijoji Be Point / 吉祥寺Be Point on May 4, 2000. Connecting the dots, this performance also included Hontou no Sekai / 本当の世界, one of the songs on Kimi ga Kureta Natsu / 君がくれた夏.

Today’s song is not the 2012 version, which is re-sung with light strings added. This recording is likely from the DVD.

奥華子「押し花」 by たれ耳 [Nico Nico Douga]

Like in many of her older works, she brings out her rich lower range and it works quite nicely.

I really want to read a translation of these lyrics. The bridge says:

もう枯れてしまった花は 元には戻れない
それなら綺麗なままで 押し花にしてしまおう

Which, to exercise my translation skills (with help; corrections appreciated), I will translate as:

The already-withered flower cannot go back to the way it was
If so, let’s press it in its beautiful state

That’s why the song is called Oshibana. I wonder what other gems are hidden in these lyrics.



Yuugure no orenji shoku no machi wo hito ga ikikau
natsukashii nioi ga shita kimi to onaji nioi ga shita
boku wa omowazu furikaette kimi wo omoidashiteta
amai hana no kaori ga kimi ni niatteta

suki toiu koto to issho ni iru koto wa
aru toki seihantai no basho ni aru

hiroi sekai de kimi to deaeta koto
itsu made mo itsu made mo kirei na boku no oshibana

mou karete shimatta hana wa moto ni wa modorenai
sorenara kirei na mama de oshibana ni shite shimaou

kimi wa kirei de ano koro no ano toki no mama de
boku no kokoro no naka de sakitsudukete iru

kimi ga i naku natte sagashitsuduketa hi mo aru kedo
futari no hibi ga uso ja nai koto boku wa shitte iru kara

hiroi sekai de kimi to aishiaeta koto
itsu made mo itsu made mo kirei na boku no oshibana

Transliterated using the J-talk Kanji Converter


夕暮れの オレンジ色の街を 人が行き交う
懐かしい匂いがした 君と同じ匂いがした
僕は思わず振り返って 君を思い出してた
甘い花の香りが 君に似合ってた

好きという事と 一緒にいる事は
ある時 正反対の場所にある

広い世界で 君と出会えたこと
いつまでも いつまでも 綺麗な 僕の押し花

もう枯れてしまった花は 元には戻れない
それなら綺麗なままで 押し花にしてしまおう

君は綺麗で あの頃の あの時のままで
僕の心の中で 咲き続けている

君がいなくなって 探し続けた日もあるけど
二人の日々が嘘じゃない事 僕は知っているから

広い世界で 君と愛し合えたこと
いつまでも いつまでも 綺麗な 僕の押し花

From okuhanako.net


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7 thoughts on “Oshibana / 押し花

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  2. It’s good to see you have made another post. It’s been a while since the last one. You must be busy.

    This song didn’t draw me in immediately. It took until the fourth or fifth listen for it to start growing on me. The way she sings the ending “boku no oshibana” reminds me of how she sings “kimi ni arigatou” to end Kimi ni Arigatou. By the way, in the fourth line of the first verse, she sings “amai hana no kaori ga kimi ni niatteta”.

    • Quite busy, and I still have more posts planned, including your translations. Time management in university is difficult (whoops, I let that leak). That, and with NetEase (music.163.com) basically unusable, it’s more difficult finding sources to link to.

      Good catch on the verse. I’ve corrected it.

  3. This is strangely reminiscent of that radio version of Gekkou you once posted. I’ve listened to the one from the limited edition album but I find that I prefer her older songs. Unfortunately I can’t seem to find the original version of Gekkou anywhere since it’s one of her earlier works. The deeper range of her voice in these pieces seems to be more full and voluminous compared to her more recent renditions of them.

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