Prism / プリズム tracklist announced!

Oku Hanako made a post yesterday reminding everyone that the deadline for reserving the 10th anniversary edition of the upcoming album, Prism / プリズム, is today, September 28.

A tracklist for the album was included:

  1. Kusabi / 楔 -くさび- (“Wedge”)
  2. Statice / スターチス (“Statice“)
  3. Tokyo Kurashi / 東京暮らし (“Tokyo Life”)
  4. Sukidattanda / 好きだったんだ (“I Used to Like You”)
  5. Nagareboshi / 流れ星 (“Shooting Star”)
  6. Tomodachi no Mama de / 友達のままで (“Staying Friends”)
  7. Rashinban / 羅針盤 (“Compass”)
  8. Ame no Prism / 雨のプリズム (“Prism of Rain”)
  9. Taisetsu na Mono / 大切なもの (“Valuable Things”)
  10. Usotsuki / 嘘つき (“Liar”)
  11. Kimi ga Kureta Natsu / 君がくれた夏 (“The Summer You Gave Me”)
  12. Hanabi / 花火 (“Fireworks”)
  13. Ganbare / ガンバレ (“Do Your Best”)

Except for a few, these are my translations (with a bit of machine help). The translation for Sukidattanda is the one I’m most unsure about.

Out of these 13 tracks, 4 have previously been released, namely Kusabi, Taisetsu na Mono, Kimi ga Kureta Natsu, and Hanabi. As far as I can tell, the rest are new songs and not any of her lesser-known indies songs.

Excitingly, “Tokyo Kurashi” will be aired on radio soon, so we’ll get a preview of one of the new songs.

One more month until the release!


4 thoughts on “Prism / プリズム tracklist announced!

  1. CD+DVD was $42 with shipping to the US at They seem to be getting more expensive.

  2. I pre-ordered at There the CD+DVD combo costs $36 incl. shipping to Germany.

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