Second anniversary on Thoughts on Oku Hanako

It looks like Oku Hanako isn’t the only one celebrating an anniversary. I can’t believe I forgot about it, but Thoughts on Oku Hanako turned 2 a few days ago. If my records are correct, I signed up for the domain on July 20, 2013. I posted the arranged version of Garnet / ガーネット last year, but this year is all about the 10th anniversary.

I’ve been pretty busy this year, so I haven’t posted that much as I wanted to, but I’ve posted a lot of lesser-known songs, and we’ve had an increase of new translations thanks to Rosanne and Edward. To the two of you, your work is very much appreciated, and we look forward to more translations!

To the rest of you readers, thank you for yet another year enjoying Oku Hanako’s songs and adding your opinions. This blog is for you, and I hope you continue to enjoy the site.

Here’s to another year!


One thought on “Second anniversary on Thoughts on Oku Hanako

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