Official Site Redesigned

I visited Oku Hanako’s official site[jp] earlier today and I was greeted with a change of face:

Screenshot of Oku Hanako's homepage on June 25, 2015

Oku Hanako’s official site on June 25, 2015

The old site worked and did what it needed to, but this update is a nice change. According to the modified time for some of the external files, this new design may have gone up as early as June 21.

The new site a WordPress-based site with Font Awesome icons and a responsive theme based on the Gush theme. Having a responsive theme means that the same site can be viewed on both desktop and mobile devices, eliminating the need to maintain two separate sites as was previously done.

This is the third major version of the site’s design that I’m aware of (see the previous designs). The previous design debuted in late mid 2008, a few months before the release of Anata ni Suki to Iwaretai / あなたに好きと言われたい and has had some minor changes over the last seven years (wow, seven years already!).

The new site isn’t without its faults, though. There are some links that are broken, like the discography pagination (at the bottom; browsing through the discography by category works just fine). I find it sad that what appears to be the test site works better than what’s up now. Furthermore, the old pages, again the discography as an example, don’t redirect to the new site. Actually, it isn’t accessible through the site, but if you know what to look for, you can even still find legacy pages like the defunct forum. However, from an SEO standpoint, these all these now-obsolete pages should redirect to the corresponding page on the new site.

Regardless, good work to the dev team who put this together, and hopefully you’ll fix those bugs soon!


What are your thoughts on Oku Hanako?

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