Kusabi / 楔 track list announced!

A new header image was put up on June 1 on Oku Hanako’s official site:

2015-06-01 header image showing Kusabi / 楔 track list

Header image on the official site as of June 1, 2015

The text at the top, I’m guessing, briefly explains that the 10th anniversary for Oku Hanako’s major début is July 27 of this year, and to celebrate, they’ll be releasing a 10th anniversary single called Kusabi / 楔-くさび. The single will be sold for at least ¥1000.

The tracklist follows:

  1. Kusabi / 楔-くさび-
  2. Hanabi / 花火
  3. Kusabi (Piano Hikigatari Live ver. at Zepp Tokyo 2013.1.19)
  4. Kusabi (Instrumental)
  5. Hanabi (Instrumental)

Fittingly, it includes Hanabi / 花火 (“Fireworks”) as well, which is her biggest single in her indies days and is also the one that was re-released on Oku Hanako Day. I would expect it to be a pretty important song for her. I’m curious, though: is this going to be the already-released arranged version, or will it be re-sung? I’m guessing it’ll be re-sung, possibly rearranged, too. It’s highly unlikely that it’s going to be the hikigatari version since there’s an instrumental track.

To my knowledge, the cover art hasn’t been released yet, but the header image gives us an idea of the theme of the release.


What are your thoughts on Oku Hanako?

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