Yasashii Hana (Piano Hikigatari) / やさしい花(ピアノ弾き語り)

Yasashii Hana (Piano Hikigatari) / やさしい花(ピアノ弾き語り): “Gentle Flowers” (solo piano version)

yasashii / やさしい
hana / 花

It’s that time again for “May flowers”, although I think I’ve almost run out of songs with that theme.

Yasashii Hana is Oku Hanako’s first single and debut release as a major artist, being released in 2005. It was a CM song for a JA Kyosai service dog commercial. (If anyone can find the commercial, leave the link in the comments! The commercial is in the comments)

This isn’t one that I would usually spring for (pun intended?), but as with almost all of her songs, especially the early ones, it’s a beautiful song. It evokes an intimate mood, one that if you were with someone you love, you’d be content to just be with them and not say anything.

Yasashii Hana (Piano Hikigatari) – Oku Hanako [zing.vn]

This song comes in two versions: the regular arranged version, and this piano hikigatari version. I chose to post the hikigatari version first because I prefer it over the arranged version; although the arranged version is arguably sung better and sounds fuller, there’s just something about the arrangement that annoys me slightly and I don’t know what.



Doko ni mukaeba ii no ka mayoisagashite aruita hibi
kimi ga kureta shiroi hana ga nani yori mo yasashiku mietanda

kimi ga negau hito ni naritakute boku wa zutto aruitekite

Aisuru hito wo mamoreru you ni hito wa ikiteyuku no kana
Boku no mirai ni boku kotae ga aru to shinjiteiru

Jitensha wo oshitearuita baito gaeri no michi bokutachi wa
nani mo nai sora wo miageta ano toki boku wa kimetanda

kimi wo mamoru hito ni naritai to zutto soba de arukitai to

nagareru kumo ni omoi wo nosete kimi ni todoke ni yukitai
itsuka bokura ga egaita yume wo kanaeru sono hi made

koe ni naranai omoi wo mune ni hita wa ikiteyuku no ka na
dare ka no tame ni yasashii hana wo sagashiteiru no kana

aisuru hito wo mamoreru you ni tsuyoku tsuyoku ikitai yo
Boku no mirai ni kimi no sugata ga aru to shinjiteiru

koe ni naranai omoi wo mune ni hito wa ikiteyuku no ka na
boku wa kimi e no yasashii hana wo sagashite ikiteyuku

Transliteration by Tsukiokuhime


どこに向かえばいいのか 迷い探して歩いた日々
君がくれた白い花が 何よりも優しく見えたんだ

君が願う人になりたくて 僕はずっと歩いてきた

愛する人を守れるように 人は生きてゆくのかな
僕の未来に 僕の答えがあると信じている

自転車を押して歩いた バイト帰りの道 僕たちは
何もない空を見上げた あの時僕は決めたんだ

君を守る人になりたいと ずっとそばで歩きたいと

流れる雲に想いを乗せて 君に届けにゆきたい
いつか僕らが描いた夢を 叶えるその日まで

声にならない想いを胸に 人は生きてゆくのかな
誰かのために やさしい花を 探しているのかな

愛する人を守れるように 強く強く生きたいよ

声にならない想いを胸に 人は生きてゆくのかな
僕は君への やさしい花を 探して生きてゆく

From okuhanako.net


Where should I go in the days we wander around, looking for something
The white flowers you gave me is looking more gentle than anything

I want to be the person that you wished for; I will always walk by your side

For the sake of protecting the one they love, maybe that’s why human live
I’m sure my answer lies in my future

On our way back from part time job, we’re riding on bicycle
We looked up at the empty sky, and at that time, I decided;

I want to be the person who protect you; I will always walk by your side

my feelings are riding on a cloud and I want to deliver them to you
Until one day the dream that we once draw come true

for the sake of feelings in our heart that we cannot put into words, maybe that’s why we live
for the sake of someone, maybe that’s why we’re looking for a gentle flower

for the sake of protecting someone we love, I want to live strongly
I believe you are in my future

for the feelings in our heart that we cannot put into words, maybe that’s why we live
I’m continue to search for the gentle flower for you

Translation by Tsukiokuhime


9 thoughts on “Yasashii Hana (Piano Hikigatari) / やさしい花(ピアノ弾き語り)

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  2. I like this as well as the arranged version. It is one of my favorite ones, and one of the first I found an English translation.

    The version with the strings on the CD album is part of the soundtrack of the movie of my life. Actually, during that I feel like I love her so much that my heart melts and pours out of my body like a cascading waterfall of warmth and happiness, while I start crying and reaching for tissues. God, these people in the other cars see me crying … If she is actually trying to get me to fall in love with her, you know what — it sure works. If I ever have the meeting with PonyCanyon record executives however, I will have to make it clear that I only feel like I’m in love with Ms. Oku only when I hear her SING.

  3. Many of her early songs have this innocent, introvert type of mood that fits much better a choir than drums and orchestra. The latter are completely destroying the mood of the songs and only offer distraction – maybe even: destruction. In this special case even the much brighter piano is already leading the song into a totally different direction ….

    • I recall reading in her history pages somewhere that she wanted to keep things hikigatari and preferred not to do anything arranged. I wonder what happened to that.

  4. This is by far the better version! The arranged version sounds completely odd – I never liked it. The arrangement destroys the feeling of the song … this organ, and even more the strange drums!!!

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