I know someone who is going to be slurping up the noodles tonight!

Aah! Did I really not post anything yesterday? I guess Rosanne’s post made me forget that I hadn’t. Sorry, Oku-san. Happy belated birthday!

Denny Sinnoh

Happy Birthday  奥 華子  !

Oku Hanako, born March 20, 1978.

nice sweater noodles

I just wanted to be the first in my time zone to wish The Little Great One* a very Happy Birthday tomorrow!  I bet Ms. Oku-san will be celebrating with some good food.  We know that she is fond of Ramen noodles.

The date will also be the Equinox, so you can STAND EGGS UP as well!

The gentle flowers will sense the days are getting longer …


(For more Oku noodle bowl photos, see my post “The Lady Loves Her Nooodles” linked here.)

Oh, where to begin … She is a great artist, but she is little known outside of Japan … or my own mind.

how oku makes me feel How Hanako Oku songs make me feel

Although she sings in Japanese — a language I do not understand — she still touches my soul with her songs.

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One thought on “I know someone who is going to be slurping up the noodles tonight!

  1. Dear Hanako (“flower child” – what a well fitting name!),

    I also wish you the very best for your anniversary. I thank you for all the beautiful moments I had when listening to your music, for helping me through some hard times and for being such a wonderful human being!


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