Kimi ga Kureta Natsu / 君がくれた夏 released!

Kimi ga Kureta Natsu / 君がくれた夏: “The Summer You Gave Me”

kimi / 君
ga / が
A particle indicating the subject
kureta / くれた
past form of kureru / くれる (“give”)
natsu / 夏

(song included later in post)

Kimi ga Kureta Natsu / 君がくれた夏 is out! For those who can’t wait for a disc, it’s up on (unfortunately, it’s missing the instrumental tracks). I’m still looking around for the music video, if there is one (I’d be surprised if there isn’t).

Just to recap, here’s the cover and tracklist:

Kimi ga Kureta Natsu / 君がくれた夏 cover art

Kimi ga Kureta Natsu / 君がくれた夏 cover art

  1. Kimi ga Kureta Natsu / 君がくれた夏 (“The Summer You Gave Me”)
  2. Taisetsu na Mono / 大切なもの (“Valuable Things”)
  3. Hontou no Sekai / 本当の世界 (“Real World”)
  4. Kimi ga Kureta Natsu / 君がくれた夏 (Instrumental)
  5. Taisetsu na Mono / 大切なもの (Instrumental)
  6. Hontou no Sekai / 本当の世界 (Instrumental)

To restate it, Kimi ga Kureta Natsu is the theme song for the movie Ashita ni Nareba / あしたになれば, which comes out in a couple of days (March 21).

映画『あしたになれば。』予告編 by unitedentInc1

The lucky people who got the single early enough also received a calendar:

Kimi ga Kureta Natsu with bonus calendar

Bonus calendar

Oku Hanako 2015 calendar

2015 Calendar

Oku Hanako 2015 calendar

2015 Calendar

I have to say, I really like this single. To describe its style, I think I’d say it’s the styles of her albums from Koi Tegami and later, minus good-bye, mixed together. The songs progressively depart from her usual style as you go through the three songs in the single, but it’s a pleasant surprise. I’ll leave the other songs, but I will give a brief opinion on them.

Kimi ga Kureta Natsu / 君がくれた夏:

君がくれた夏/奥 華子 by ponycanyon [YouTube]

This is definitely not a disappointment! The release of energy in the chorus is just perfect. This is a typical Oku Hanako song (taking into account the drift in her musical style), but it sounds more mature and there’s a hint of musical experimentation, too, especially near the end. Those variations and transitions (like the transition into the last chorus) are things that I can only hope to be able to achieve in my own compositions. The lyrics seem to be very fitting for the movie, based on the machine translation and the movie’s synopsis and trailer. I also find it clever that the song ends with the title of the movie.

I do have one complain about this song, though: it doesn’t end with her signature arpeggiated chord, even though it sounded like it would lead up to one (listen to the end of Kawaranai Mono / 変わらないもの for an example). Actually, I think part of the problem is that, unless I’m mistaken, it actually end in the tonic (essentially the proper ending note, or the one that sounds the best at the end). Also, does anyone else think the ending sounds like the opening to Shiawase no Kagami / しあわせの鏡?

The second song, Taisetsu na Mono, is also one for surprises. It’s the “happy” song of the three and it has the feel of Umikazedoori and 10 Nen. There are the sudden stops in the bridge that caught me off-guard, and it makes the song more interesting to listen to, especially because that’s something she never does. There’s a key change for the last chorus, and it ends with her vocalizing in layers. It’s a really nice song to listen to.

The third song, Hontou no Sekai, is the remade 1999 indies song. Take Michael Bolton’s Go the Distance and mix it with Sonna Kigashita / そんな気がした or Sorezore / それぞれ; add a hint of Tsuki no Soba de / 月のそばで眠りたい and you get Hontou no Sekai. The style almost makes it seem like it’s not her song. Yes, it’s dark, but so were a lot of her earlier indies songs, like Gekkou / 月光.

Overall, this single was great and is definitely one of her best. If this single is any indication of what’s in the next album, I’ll have high expectations for it and will be looking forward to it eagerly!

Oh, and for the record, I predicted the styles of the songs correctly yet again.



Kawaru kisetsu wo oikaketeita
sakura iro no kimi ni aitai

kono machi de umare te kono basho de sodatte
soshite kimi to deae ta kara
unmei tte kotoba tabun sou hajimete
boku no atama no naka ukanderu yo
natsu no yuugure ni kimi no yokogao ga
mabushi sugi te yoku mienakatta
fure te shimai sou na futatsu no te wo sotto
boku wa nan do mo shimaikondeita

houkago, jitensha de kimi to hashitteita
kono michi ga doko made mo tsudui te ku you na kigashita

wasurenai yo koko ni atta
bukiyou na yasashi sa mo kimi no egao mo
arigatou tte sakendeita minna de
aoi haru no hi

nandemo nai basho ga tokubetsu ni naru tte
zenbu sore wa kimi no shiwaza da ne
hiroi tada no guraundo mo
miaki ta budoubatake mo
ano hi kara kagayaiteru yo

kasenshiki naran de miage ta hanabi ga
bokura no ashita wo oshiete kureteru kigashita

owaranai yo kimi ga kureta
konnanimo hito wo suki ni nareru kimochi
mata ao u tte sakendeita ano natsu
eien no natsu

wasurenai yo koko ni atta
waraigoe kuyashinamida kimi no sugata
arigatou tte sakendeita natsu no hi
eien ni

wasurenai yo kimi ga kureta
aoi sora hachigatsu no atsui taiyou
mata aeru yo egao de sayonara

ashita ni nareba. . .
Translated using the J-talk Kanji Converter



運命って言葉 たぶんそう初めて
僕の頭の中 浮かんでるよ
夏の夕暮れに 君の横顔が
触れてしまいそうな 二つの手をそっと
僕は何度も しまい込んでいた

この道が どこまでも 続いてくような気がした

忘れないよ ここにあった
不器用な優しさも 君の笑顔も
ありがとうって 叫んでいたみんなで

何でもない場所が 特別になるって
あの日から 輝いてるよ

河川敷並んで 見上げた花火が
僕らの明日を 教えてくれてる気がした

終わらないよ 君がくれた
また会おうって 叫んでいたあの夏

忘れないよ ここにあった
笑い声 悔し涙 君の姿
ありがとうって 叫んでいた夏の日

忘れないよ 君がくれた
青い空 8月の暑い太陽
また会えるよ 笑顔でさよなら


From YouTube


10 thoughts on “Kimi ga Kureta Natsu / 君がくれた夏 released!

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  4. I just received my single today – and I like it the more I hear it! The song is really beautiful and her singing is just great. One of the few titles that grow, the more I hear it. Not quite at the level of for example Hatsukoi (which still generates cold showers running down my spine …), but a beautiful song I really like.

    The second title on the single is average material, but the third is quite good as well (The real world (本当の世界)). Nicely done, keeps me listening after starting it, well arranged. 4 out of 4 stars.

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  6. Re: “for the record, I predicted the styles of the songs correctly yet again”

    Well yeah … but you have all those complicated mathematical computer program algorithm statistics thing-ees, to model your predictions

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