Oku Hanako got a cat!

I’ve been noticing more and more that Hanako-san has been posting pictures of a certain white cat on her blog, and it caught my attention that the pictures on her latest post featured only this cat.

A white cat on her blog posts

The stray white cat, Chiro / チロ

She has named it Chiro / チロ, because it’s white (compare shiroi / 白い; “white”).

The following is likely inaccurate. If you have any corrections, please submit them.

From what I gather in her first post about the cat (which was posted exactly one year after her post about Picasso’s death), this cat started appearing frequently in her garden around that time last year. Although she didn’t take an interest in having a cat, it started to “fill the gap in her heart” and she started becoming fond of it.

Winter was coming, so she put a cardboard box outside with a blanket in it, and the cat slept there every day.

At one point, Chiro stopped coming and she became worried. She put up “lost cat” posters and even got the police involved.

One day, at 2:00 in the morning, she found Chiro on the road, thin. She was very happy to see it; indeed, her reaction was to say 「チローーーーーー!!!」 (hehe, I can just imagine her saying it). She would have liked to hug it, but the cat still wouldn’t let her touch itself.

She took Chiro to the vet and found out that it had given birth about a week earlier (at this point, it’s now clear that Chiro is female). Chiro started eating more and more because she had to tend to her kittens. Eventually, Hanako-san found the kittens and was able to find it a good home.

Chiro's Kittens

Chiro’s Kittens

Chiro started to become reluctant to leave.

Chiro sleeping in a box

Chiro sleeping

It looks like Chiro is here to stay; Oku-san mentioned something about getting a cordless vacuum cleaner to clean up all that cat hair.

Chiro with an evil-looking face

Evil Chiro

Chiro with paw up

Hi, Chiro!

Images from Kokoro Letter (2014-10-10; 2014-11-01)


2 thoughts on “Oku Hanako got a cat!

  1. Well this is interesting. Where I live, stray and feral cats tend to remain that way. I’m a little curious how often taking in stray animals occurs. Also congratulations to her for finding a new cute companion!

    • Hey, long time no see!

      I think Chiro was a well-needed find. After all, I’m sure it can get pretty lonely living alone.

      Unfortunately, I couldn’t find even a hint of the answer to your question, so I’ll go off on a tangent. There’s an island in Japan called Tashirojima / 田代島 where the population of feral cats is greater than the population of people. People feed the cats because they believe it will “bring wealth and good fortune”. Not surprisingly, it’s become known as “Cat Island”.

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