Intro / 自己紹介 – About the Translator

Remember Rosanne? Well, it looks like she’ll be here for a while longer. She’s agreed to be one of Thoughts on Oku Hanako’s in-house translator, increasing the staff count to 2. Welcome, Rosanne, we hope you enjoy your stay!

Hey there! I’m Rosanne (a.k.a. Mei); I’ll be one of the occasional translators for this site. I’m a polyglot and language enthusiast, and Japanese is one of my favourite languages to study! My interest in the Japanese culture and language began—like many others—with watching animé shows as a child. From there I would dissect the lyrics of many an opening or closing song just to find out what the words that accompanied those riveting images meant. To this day, translating and understanding various Japanese songs (not just those from animé) still brings great joy to me—it’s like finding hidden treasure, and one that’s set to a beautiful tune! I hope to be able to share that joy with you through this site!


4 thoughts on “Intro / 自己紹介 – About the Translator

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  3. Hi Rosanne,

    welcome to our little “club”! I am really very happy that you want to help us with some lyrics translations. This is very much appreciated and will certainly help us understanding Hanako Oku’s music better!

    Best wishes from Germany

    • Thanks for the warm welcome, Andreas! 🙂 It’s my pleasure and honour to help.

      • Rosanne

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