Kimi no Egao / 君の笑顔

Kimi no Egao / 君の笑顔: “Your smiling face” or “your smile”

kimi / 君
no / の
A possessive particle indicating that the previous word modifies the next word (almost equivalent to “of”)
egao / 笑顔
“smile”, “happy face”

Those familiar with Oku Hanako’s albums may be more familiar with the album version of Kimi no Egao. This song was actually originally featured in her 2011 “best” compilation album of the same name. The album was a “concept album”, released after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, with a free live tour as part of the disaster relief (hence “smile selection”).

The album version is arranged and resung, but this original version is pure-crystal piano hikigatari. I would say it’s musically one of her best hikigatari pieces out of her whole discography, both in her playing and her singing. With her singing in particular, her voice comes out very clearly and she employs a some vibrato.
Unfortunately, I can’t speak for the poetry because I can’t find a translation, but I’m sure it’s great, too.

君の笑顔 []

The song was featured as the commercial song for Co-op Kyosai / CO・OP共済[jp] in 2011 from July to September.

CO・OP共済 CM 笑顔を届けたい by hanako09875



Haru no hikari kaze fuku machi kimi to deatta ano toki
Osanai kokoro de hashaide ita tooi hi no natsu no yoru
Samishisa wo gomakashi nagara toorisugite ita aki
Kimi no nukumori tashikamete ita atataka na fuyu no michi

Donna toki mo kimi wa massugu na me wo shite
Korondemo kanarazu tachiagatteta
Mae dake wo muiteku kimi no sono sugata ni
Boku wa dore dake no chikara moratta darou

Kimi no egao kimi no koe ga bokura no mirai wo tsukutte yuku
Ugokidashita tokei ga hora kawari yuku hibi wo kizande yuku
Yume ga aru nara donna toki demo kakenukete yukeru hazu sa
Taisetsu na mono mamoritai mono boku wa ima mitsukerareta kara

Ano hi kimi ga nagashite ita namida no wake wo shiranai
Kuyashisa no uragawa ni mieteru yume he to tsunagaru michi

Machigai wo osorezu ippo fumidasetara ima yori mo jibun wo shinjirareru
Kanashimi no mukou ni hito wa tachimukaeru kimi no sono senaka ga oshiete kureta ne

Boku no soba de kimi no soba de nakeru hodo ima wo ikite itai
Owari no nai yume wa kitto dareka no mirai ni tsunagatteku
Akiramenaide donna toki demo kimi no koe kikoete kuru yo
Taisetsu na mono mamoritai mono boku wa ima mitsukerareta kara
Hitori ja nai yo itsu demo soba de kimi no egao wo mitai kara

From JpopAsia


春の光 風吹く街 君と出会ったあの時
幼い心で はしゃいでいた 遠い日の夏の夜
寂しさをごまかしながら 通り過ぎていた秋
君のぬくもり 確かめていた 暖かな冬の道

どんな時も君は 真っ直ぐな目をして 転んでも必ず 立ち上がってた
前だけを向いてく 君のその姿に 僕はどれだけの力 貰っただろう

君の笑顔 君の声が 僕らの未来を作ってゆく
動き出した 時計がほら 変わりゆく日々を刻んでゆく
夢があるなら どんな時でも 駆け抜けてゆけるはずさ
大切なもの 守りたいもの 僕は今見つけられたから

あの日君が流していた 涙の訳を知らない
悔しさの裏側に見えてる 夢へと繋がる道

間違いを恐れず 一歩踏み出せたら 今よりも自分を信じられる
悲しみの向こうに 人は立ち向かえる 君のその背中が教えてくれたね

僕のそばで 君のそばで 泣けるほど今を生きていたい
終わりのない夢はきっと 誰かの未来に繋がってく
諦めないで どんな時でも 君の声聞こえてくるよ
大切なもの 守りたいもの 僕は今 見つけられたから
一人じゃないよ いつでも傍で 君の笑顔を見たいから



When I met you there was spring light and a breeze in the street
My childish heart cheered in the distant summer night of that day
I neglected loneliness as I passed through the autumn day
A warm winter street reassured me of your warmth

At all times you have a sincere look in your eyes. Even if you fall you will stand up again
I drew some strength from your profile that only gazes ahead

Your smile and your voice created my future
The time that began to move carved out slowly changing days
I should be able to overcome difficulty at any time because I have a dream
Now I have found something precious, something that I want to protect

I don’t know the reason for your tears that day
Beyond the upset I saw a path leading to a dream

I’m not afraid of mistakes. If I take a step forwards then I can have more faith in myself
People look towards the other side of sadness. This is what the sight of your back has told me

At my side, by your side, I could cry with longing to live in the moment
A dream without end must lead to somebody’s future
Don’t give up. Whenever I heard your voice
I found something precious, something that I want to protect
I am not alone. I am always by your side because I want to see your smile

Translation by Edward from the Chinese


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