Tegami / 手紙

Tegami / 手紙: “letter” (written note). Made of the kanji te / 手 (“hand”) and kami / 紙 (“paper”; pronounced “gami” / がみ due to rendaku)

“Tegami” is Oku Hanako’s single from 2008. For once, I don’t have anything to say; the song is… just there.

I’ll leave the floor open to all of you to voice your opinions and fill in the gap.

Hanako Oku – Tegami [JPopsuki]

To be honest, it’s a good song, but I don’t find it to be anything too special. Perhaps I’ll appreciate it more once I read a proper translation. Denny Sinnoh has just brought one to my attention, and it seems that it has only marginally increased my appreciation for the song. I still think it’s a good song, though.



Taisetsuna koto wa itsudemo kokoro no ushiro ni kakureta mama
Kanashimi wa yasashisa tonari hikari ga sashikomu mado ni natta

Omoi samayou koe naki koe wo
Atesaki no nai tegami ni kaite todokete hoshii

Nakanaide itoshiki hito ima wa mada tabi no tochuu de
Dokomademo tooi tokoro e kanashimi ga kiete yuku
Hohoemi ga kaette kuru

Hitori de wa kakae kirenai mono ga aru nara
Douka kono te ni sukoshi demo wakete kudasai
Watashi wa kawarazu koko ni iru kara

Donna deai mo donna wakare mo
Hitotsu nokorazu kyou to iu hi ni tsunagatte kita

Nakanaide itoshiki hito mamoru beki mono ga aru nara
Itsuka mata tooi tokoro e omoide ga kiete yuku
Hohoemi ga kaette kuru

Nando mo kaite keshite wa kaita
Iku ate no nai tegami wo itsuka todokete hoshii

Nakanaide itoshiki hito ima wa mada tabi no tochuu de
Furikaeru kotoba yori mo tsutaetai koto ga aru kara
Aisarete uragirarete hito wa mata ai wo motomete
Dokomademo tooi tokoro e kanashimi ga kiete yuku
Hohoemi ga kaette kuru

From JpopAsia


大切な事はいつでも 心の後ろに隠れたまま
悲しみは優しさとなり 光が射し込む窓になった

想い彷徨う 声無き声を

泣かないで愛しき人 今はまだ旅の途中で
どこまでも遠い所へ 悲しみが消えてゆく

どうかこの手に 少しでも分けて下さい
私は変わらず ここにいるから

どんな出会いも どんな別れも
一つ残らず 今日という日に繋がってきた

泣かないで愛しき人 守るべきモノがあるなら
いつかまた遠い所へ 思い出が消えてゆく


泣かないで愛しき人 今はまだ旅の途中で
振り返る言葉よりも 伝えたい事があるから
愛されて 裏切られて 人はまた愛を求めて
どこまでも遠い所へ 悲しみが消えてゆく

From okuhanako.net


The important things are hidden within the heart all the time
Sadness became a window, the light shining through became gentleness

The soundless voice wandered between thoughts
I want you to send a letter with no destination

Dear, don’t cry in the middle of the journey just yet
Even if it is far away, sadness is disappearing
The smiles are returned

If there are things that can’t be faced alone
This hand of mine will help, even a little
I will not change since you are here

All the encounters, all the partings
Every single one has led me to this day

Dear, don’t cry if there are things to protect
Memories are disappearing to a faraway place again
The smiles are returned

I wrote to you so many times
I want you to deliver a letter one day that won’t be sent

Dear, don’t cry in the middle of the journey just yet
Because there are words you just want to say instead of looking back
Loved or betrayed, people also want love
Even if it is far away, sadness is disappearing
The smiles are returned.

Translation by Vahlia~Sama


8 thoughts on “Tegami / 手紙

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  3. I like how you posted the link. How do you get your Jpopsuki links to appear like that? I exchanged a few emails with a WordPress tech, and he said it could not be done due to WordPress security -babble babble.

    I’d ask you to explain it, if I thought I could understand it : )

    • I knew you’d ask.
      About a week or two ago, I found out about Cloudup, a beta service that Automattic (the guys who run WordPress) acquired last September, and signed up because I thought it would be useful for embedding unsupported files in my blogs.
      Cloudup is more or less a cloud streaming service, allowing you to easily share streams—whether it be images, videos, or even code—on the Web or uploaded to your account from your computer. Currently, you’re allowed up to 1000 items, up to 200 MB each, giving you up to 200 GB per account.
      Being from Automattic, you can easily embed Cloudup streams on WordPress: simply put the share link on its own line as you would for YouTube embeds.
      Being in beta, you need an access code or a referral to register. You can either give them your email address on Cloudup’s front page, or you can use Matt’s access code from the link on Automattic’s home page. For you, I’ve sent you my referral link.

      • For Jpopsuki videos, you have to view the page’s source code and find the following line:

        <source src="/images/media/e878e4b9edfc5dc18fa9c5fc884257ff_1367012282.mp4" type="video/mp4" />

        You’re interested in the src string (i.e. /images/media/e878e4b9edfc5dc18fa9c5fc884257ff_1367012282.mp4). Add http://www.jpopsuki.tv to the beginning of that string and you get the URL you need to share on Cloudup. For this example, the URL that I shared is http://www.jpopsuki.tv/images/media/e878e4b9edfc5dc18fa9c5fc884257ff_1367012282.mp4
        The exact src string will be different for every video, but notice that the random bit before the underscore is the same as the random string in the video page’s URL.

    • Well, how about that?
      I’ve edited your comment to add the link to your post; mine could use a little more insight.
      Thanks for finding the translation; even after I know what I’m looking for, I still can’t find it. Too bad my appreciation for the song has only marginally increased.

      • I have been playing the song a lot recently.

        Thinking about letters … There was this big thunderstorm and mudslide in my hometown recently. That part of the landfill that had all the old love letters that I had written to girls back in high school became unearthed.

        … pretty scary reading.

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