Ajisai / 紫陽花

Ajisai / 紫陽花: “hydrangea“. (紫: “violet”; 陽: “sun”; 花: “flower”).

2014-11-27: Added translation

Yes, I know I’ve posted this before, but I’m a little pressed this week and this song needs a proper post. Besides, it seemed to go well after Watashi no Migigawa / 私の右側, and it’s my last chance this year to exploit “… bring May flowers”.

The title contains a single word, but it’s packed with a lot of meaning. Just as Garnet is a symbolic birthstone, the hydrangea carries some symbolism. Hydrangeas can change colours depending on the acidity of the soil it’s in, so it’s often used to represent a fickle heart, and indeed, the song is a sad one because of a change of heart. The song also mentions rain many times; hydrangeas appear after Japan’s rainy season, and they’re thought to look best when wet.

I won’t deny that Ajisai is one of Oku Hanako’s slower songs. Even so, it’s often her slower songs that are more moving and have a greater impact, and Ajisai is one of those. That’s probably one of the reasons why I picked it for the announcement about Picasso.

Just close your eyes and let the song carry you away…

【宇治】紫陽花【三室戸寺】 by renaissa1218

She sings sincerely well, the arrangement isn’t distracting, and the interlude is a treat.

It’s touching; that’s what it is. Music sure has a way of speaking to you.



Sayonara wo ienakatta sono kotoba wa kanashi sugite
Ano yoru ga ame ja nakattara wakare wo kimerare nakatta

Sekaijuu ni futari shika inakereba
Mouichido yarinaosu koto mo dekita kana ?

Mousukoshi mousukoshi watashi ga otona dattara
Ironna katachi de anata wo mamoreta no ni

Sabishikunai yo anata ga inakute mo
Tsuyogaru jibun wo gyutto dakishimete
Nemurenu yoru ni mado wo tataiteru ame-tachi no koe ga zawameku

Futari de yoku kiite ita ano kyoku wo kuchizusamu no
Onegai ame yo yamanai de dare ni mo kikarenu you ni

Mousukoshi mousukoshi watashi ga kodomo dattara
Ironna katachi de anata wo mamoreta no ni

Mado no soto shizuka ni nagareochiru watashi no namida
Futari de nagameteta ano hi to onaji ajisai ga saiteru

From JpopAsia


サヨナラを言えなかった その言葉は悲しすぎて
あの夜が雨じゃなかったら 別れを決められなかった


もう少し もう少し 私が大人だったら
いろんな形で あなたを守れたのに

寂しくないよ あなたがいなくても
強がる自分を ギュッと抱きしめて
眠れぬ夜に 窓を叩いてる 雨達の声がざわめく

2人でよく聴いていた あの曲を口ずさむの
お願い 雨よ止まないで 誰にも聞かれぬように

もう少し もう少し 私が子供だったら
いろんな形で あなたを守れたのに

窓の外 静かに流れ落ちる 私の涙
2人で眺めてた あの日と同じ紫陽花が咲いてる

From okuhanako.net


I wasn’t able to say goodbye
That word is much too sad
If it hadn’t been raining that night,
I would not have been able to decide to part with you

If there were only two people in the entire world,
Would it also have been possible to start over again?

If only I were just a little bit,
just a little bit,
more of an adult
I would’ve been able to protect you in many different ways

I’m not lonely!
Even when you’re not around
Hugging myself tightly, pretending to be tough
In the sleepless nights,
The rains’ voices are noisy, beating against the window

Together with you I listened to it well,
The humming of that song
Please, rain, don’t stop
So that nobody else can hear it

If only I were just a little bit,
just a little bit,
more of a child
I would’ve been able to protect in many different ways

Outside the window, my tears flow down quietly
The hydrangeas are blooming, just like the ones we saw together that day
Translation by Rosanne


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