Posting instrumentals

Oku Hanako often puts instrumental versions of songs on her singles to add to their value (otherwise, you could just wait until it appeared on the next album). They’re tracks in her discography just like any of her other songs, but without her voice, you might feel gypped if I posted it for the weekly song.

So, what do you think? Should I post them as any other song, or should I keep them as bonus material?


2 thoughts on “Posting instrumentals

  1. The instrumentals would make a nice bonus to your weekly post. I will take any discussion. Instrumentals might be a way to preview an upcoming post as well.

    • I actually considered posting the instrumental of Garasu no Hana as a preview, but by the time I got the chance to do it, it was already too late.
      I’ll give it a little more time, but so far, most agree with you about making them bonus posts.

What are your thoughts on Oku Hanako?

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