Waratte Waratte / 笑って笑って

Waratte Waratte / 笑って笑って : “Laughing, smiling”

waratte / 笑って
“laughing” or “smiling”. This is the conjunctive form of the root warau / 笑う (“to smile” or “to laugh”).

“Waratte Waratte” was one of the first 14 Oku Hanako songs that I heard. It has a pronounced pentatonic sound and is easy to listen to. As always, she sings it with a genuine passion.

I didn’t know it when I first heard this song, but Waratte Waratte is actually another one of her indies songs that has been arranged, resung, and made into its own single, like Chiisana Hoshi / 小さな星. I find this version is better sung than the indies version, but the indies version has a certain “closeness” to it that the single version doesn’t have. This song is beautiful, including the lyrics, and yes, I have a translation for the lyrics.

ライセンス・奥華子「笑って笑って」.wmv by amaike yukino [YouTube]

Sorry for the lack of content in this post; I’m feeling way too sleepy. I’ll redo this post sometime in the next few days and I’ll post something to let you know when I’ve done so. So much for that. I don’t know what to say. Perhaps I’m still tired. Forget it. I’ll give a better opinion on the indies version. It seems once I write something down, it’s more difficult to change it.



Daiji na mono wo tsuyoku nigirishimetara
Konagona ni natte yubi no sukima kara ochite itta
Dakara kondo wa sotto tenohira ni nosete mitara
Oto mo tatezu kaze ni fukarete kiete shimatta

Kinou yori mo kyou ga suteki de
Ashita sae mo iranai kurai ni
Ikite yuketara kitto ne

Waratte waratte aruite ireba
Dokoka de anata ga matte iru
Waratte waratte ai wo sagashite
Anata no moto he ikou

Nakenai hodo tsurai toki demo
Kakkou warui jibun ni natte mo
Kitto aruite yukeru ne

Waratte waratte aruite ireba
Dokoka de anata ga matte iru
Waratte waratte ai wo sagashite
Anata no moto he ikou

Waratte waratte namida koraete
Dare mo ga ashita wo matte iru
Yorokobi kanashimi kasanete yukeru
Kirei na sora ga mieru

Waratte waratte

From JpopAsia


大事なものを 強く握り締めたら
粉々になって 指の隙間から落ちていった
だから今度は そっと手の平にのせてみたら

生きて行けたら きっと

笑って 笑って 歩いていれば
笑って 笑って 愛を探して

きっと 歩いてゆける

笑って 笑って 歩いていれば
笑って 笑って 愛を探して

笑って 笑って涙こらえて
喜び 悲しみ 重ねてゆける

From okuhanako.net


When I tightly grasped that which was important to me
It fell apart and slipped through the cracks of my fingers
So the next time I tried to hold it softly on the palm of my hand
But it was carried away by the wind and disappeared without a sound

Today is more beautiful than yesterday
So beautiful that I don’t even need tomorrow
Surely I can live happily like this

If I can walk with a smile, smile
You are waiting for me somewhere
I search for love with a smile, smile
And go to your side

Even at times when I am too sad to cry
Or when I look uncool
I can surely keep walking

If I can walk with a smile, smile
You are waiting for me somewhere
I search for love with a smile, smile
And go to your side

Fighting back the tears with a smile, smile
Everyone is waiting for tomorrow
We walk as both happiness and sadness pile up
And look at the beautiful sky

Smile, smile

Translation by verduistering.


8 thoughts on “Waratte Waratte / 笑って笑って

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    • You mean the Shake The Music Live performance? Assuming you’re not confusing it with another video, it must have been taken down because I can’t find it anymore. By the way, that video will come up again when I post the indies version, because it sounds very similar.
      Also, I remember seeing one performance where there was a little electric guitar solo (near the end?). It was an interesting take on the song and quite enjoyable, but I can’t seem to find it anymore. It must have been taken down.

      • Yes, that is the one with the Knotts Berry Farm t-shirt.

        Record industry weasels strike again. You see from their perspective, if we see LESS of her, we will become MORE interested. Logically, if they removed all Oku content from YouTube, record sales would skyrocket. “By the way, which one’s Pink?” to quote the exec.

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