Kagami / 鏡

Kagami / 鏡 : “mirror”

“Kagami” is perhaps Oku Hanako’s best-played song. Its hikigatari nature means there’s nothing to distract you from her singing and playing. This is one of those songs where an arrangement would do very little to enhance the piece. When I listen to this song, I barely notice it’s hikigatari, anyway.

Just let yourself get carried away with this one. If you don’t quit before the interlude, get ready to be wowed.

奥華子 – 鏡.flv by nokia972000 [YouTube]

I could just fall out of my chair! That was amazing! Perfectly timed, great dynamic contrast, well-played musical accents; just perfect. Just the right amount of “oomph”, too.

I have no words to describe that interlude, but to give a gross understatement, it was really, really, really good. The bridge would have been very easy to rush, and she nailed it. And just after the bridge, there’s a pedal thud; it may seem small, but it’s very important as it fills the gap.

The song ends with perfect finishing touch: her vocalizing. I’m already awestruck by the rest of the song, and this just “hits the spot”. She caps it all off with her signature arpeggiated chord, leaving me in silence with time to soak it all in.

“Kagami” is definitely one of my favourites.



kowareteta yume wa yogoreta mama de sagashiteta ai wa koko de nemuru no
miageta sora ni chippoke na watashi wa nani wo omou no?

araizarashi no kokoro dake ja doko ni mo ikenai ne

kagami ni utsushita hadaka no watashi wa minikui deshou ka oshiete
doko wo aruitetemo onaji keshiki shika
mienakatta shiranakatta dare ni mo ienai

tomadou mo hajirai mo nai mama ni sarakedasu hada wa shiroku hikatte
dare ka no koe ni obieru watashi wa nani wo kakusu no?

mujuun darake no mainichi ja namida mo kawakanai ne

kagami ni utsushita hadaka no watashi wa minikui deshou ka oshiete
egakidashiteyuku ashita ga aru nara
yogoretemo ii nakushitemo ii watashi ga iru nara

kudakechiru omoi ga watashi no kokoro ni sasatta toki
itami to hikikae ni nani wo kizameba ii no deshou ka

kagami ni utsushita hadaka no kokoro wa minikui deshou ka oshiete
wazukana hikari de terashidaseru no nara
dare ni mo mienai watashi no kakera mo kagayakeru no ka na

Transliteration by Tsukiokuhime


壊れてた夢は 汚れたままで 探してた愛は ここで眠るの
見上げた空に ちっぽけな私は 何を思うの?

洗いざらしの心だけじゃ 何処にも行けないね

鏡に映した裸の私は 醜いでしょうか 教えて
何処を歩いてても 同じ景色しか
見えなかった 知らなかった 誰にも言えない

戸惑いも恥じらいもないままに さらけだす肌は 白く光って
誰かの声に 怯える私は 何を隠すの?

矛盾だらけの毎日じゃ 涙も乾かないね

鏡に映した裸の私は 醜いでしょうか 教えて
描き出してゆく 明日があるなら
汚れてもいい 失くしてもいい 私がいるなら


鏡に映した裸の心は 醜いでしょうか 教えて
わずかな光で 照らし出せるのなら
誰にも見えない 私のカケラも 輝けるのかな

From okuhanako.net


love that I have been looking for is sleeping within my broken and tainted dream
what am I thinking of when this small me is looking up to the sky?

my washed off heart is about to disappear, it cannot go anywhere

please tell me if my naked reflection of the mirror is ugly
no matter where I walk, I cannot see anything but a same scenery
I don’t know anything, no one tell me

without knowing confusion and shame, my exposed body glow white
me who’s scared at someone’s voice, what do I hide?

within this days of infinite possibilities, my tears won’t go dry

please tell me if my naked reflection of the mirror is ugly
if there was tomorrow that I’m about to draw
I don’t care if I lost them, I don’t care if I taint them, as long as I still exist

my heart is stuck with smashed up feelings, and at that time
what should I engrave in exchange of pain?

please tell me if my naked reflection of the mirror is ugly
if faint light were to shine
will the fragment of me that no one sees shine?

Translation by Tsukiokuhime


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